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Obesity is a problem in the United States. We all know that.  But, solving the problem is another matter.

Today in the New York Times there was an article stating that the F.D.A. failed to approve a new diet drug.

Of course the pharmaceutical companies were not happy, but the safety issue won. What safety issue?

According to the Times, “the agency sent a strong signal that it was exercising considerable caution in assessing a new generation of diet medicines, after serious health problems, including deaths, caused by some older weight-loss pills”.

They went on to say that in order to win approval the company involved must first do a long-term study to demonstrate that the drug, called Contrave, does not raise the risk of heart attacks.

People in the industry were upset. But, come on what’s more important, the pill or one’s life!  These type of studies, in my opinion should ‘always’ be done for the public’s safety. It’s not a matter of money, it’s a matter of protecting people from the possibility of  future harmful effects caused by diet drugs.

Yes the problem has to be solved but at what expense. Some pharmaceutical  drugs can be very helpful, but they can also be very harmful and should be thoroughly tested before being brought into the market.

That’s one of the reasons why Alternative medicine and Natural Health are so popular today. People are getting sick and tired of the side effects, the risks, and the dangers of many pharmaceutical drugs.

There are “natural” things that can be done to lose weight. I personally have lost around 15 pounds by just changing my diet and controlling some bad habits, like eating too much junk food.

I started eating healthier, more fruits, and yes, as we hear over and over again, more vegetables, whole grains, organic almond butter, less saturated fats, and, doing a simple exercise, like walking.

It’s your health and you might want do your own research before taking any type of a pharmaceutical drug, other than those that are needed, of course, and proven to be safe.  But by all means, after you consult with a medical professional, you may want to consider some tested and proven “alternative” health methods.

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