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This week I had the impulse to try out some new snack food items because I was getting fed up with the same old thing in my pantry. At the supermarket I went by some kettle corn and thought that might be a wonderful treat to try. I then thought some caramel corn could be superb too. It was a little while since I had either of those and they both seemed delightful.

I treasured the flavor with the kettle corn. It had the popcorn flavor with a seasoning of sugar and a touch of salt. It was a wonderful blend of flavours and “hit the spot” for me. It is the excellent treat while you are in the mood for something mild and healthful.

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As i viewed the nutrition label I was amazed at how healthy it had been. I needed to go on the internet to ensure the facts. I was really amazed at the things i found. Popcorn, the primary component in kettle corn, is made up of protein and fiber. If you’re looking for antioxidants kettle corn possesses a good amount of polyphenols. Because it is lightly seasoned, additionally it is low in calories and low in fat.

I shared a bag with my family and they also all liked the flavor. As I described the natural rewards they couldn’t think that a treat that tastes so good had some very nice nutritious rewards. They quickly asked where I purchased the kettle corn. I suggest you buy kettlecorn as a fantastic healthful snack food alternative.

The caramel corn had terrific expectations to satisfy. I love my mom’s hand made caramel corn, which has been a holiday tradition for decades, and I felt like nothing could quite match up it. In particular because most shop brands have rock solid caramel that tastes a lot more like Cracker Jacks. After i took a mouthful I was happily surprised at how soft the caramel corn was in my mouth. Instead of being hard and crunchy it was soft and chewy. The caramel flavor was great likewise.

I needed to share some with my mom. She couldn’t believe there is a brand which had such a soft caramel. She set out to the kitchen to create her hand made batch just to ensure hers still tasted greater. It was a close call but the homemade version had a moderate edge. I was amazed how close the store-bought caramel corn came to my mother’s recipe.

Because chewy caramel corn does include popcorn they have the nutritional rewards described above, but it is also drenched in caramel. So it has much higher calories and fat content. It is definitely not a healthful goody like the kettle corn. However it constitutes a great treat when you are in the mood for something a little sweeter.

I was thrilled with both treats and thrilled to include them to my pantry. I highly recommend both. The kettle corn constitutes a great treat for anyone looking for a wholesome goody alternative. The caramel corn is ideal for individuals who enjoy a sweeter goody once and in a while.

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