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More and more research has confirmed that certain nutrients may extend your life and that a shortage¬† or deficiency of them may be a contributing factor for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mental illness and respiratory tract infections.

These nutrients are called antioxidants. A process called oxidative damage helps cause aging and its associated diseases and antioxidants help protect the body from damage by preventing disease and may even delay death. Thousands of research papers have reported their benefits.

Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E, beta-carotene, and alpha-carotene intake have been linked to decreased mortality risk.

Researchers have found that high levels of alpha-carotene, an antioxidant found in orange and green vegetables may help people live longer. Dr C Li and colleagues of the CDC’s Division of¬† Behavioral Surveillance in Atlanta, conducted the survey.

Oxygen, while being one of our most important nutrients can become chemically reactive and dangerous. It can become unstable and capable of “oxidizing” neighboring molecules.

This can lead to cellular damage that triggers cancer, inflammation, arterial damage, and aging. Free oxidizing radicals or waste must be neutralized to remove the danger. Combustion processes including smoking, exhaust fumes, radiation, frying or barbecuing food, make free radicals.

Antioxidants can disarm free radicals. There are over a hundred other recently identified antioxidants that are not well known by most people.

A balance between antioxidants and exposure to free radicals may be the balance between life and death. It may pay to keep up with the research and find out how you can add these to your diet.

Some examples of sources of antioxidants are: fresh fruit, especially berries, vegetables such as spinach, avocado, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas and broccoli.

Try to avoid pollution, smokey places and fried foods, and, don’t overexercise beyond your potential.

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