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How To Replace Your Brita Water Filter At Much Less Cost

Affordable Replacement Water Filters
Brita have become a well known brand as a result of their jug water-filters. Traditionally Brita has specialised in “collect and filter” units – notably jugs that are not as convenient as point of use filtration. They have achieved excellent market penetration in the UK and Europe and their products are easily available for any High Street shop or supermarket. They have certainly helped spread the idea that it is quite possible to filter tap water. They can avoid drinking tap water that is filled with chlorine.

There is also an emerging market they can open. Filtered water directly from the tap. The user therefore does not have to worry about doing anything further themselves. Brita filters today don´t require the use of another filter. Brita therefore took the opportunity to create their own under sink filter.

The Brita counter top taps are aesthetically pleasing. They certainly filter the water to a good standard. The water filters are not cheap, but the results are worth it. However they are in for a surprise when it comes to replacing the filter cartridge. The expense is far greater than they would like. Replacement filters are 25 per cent of the installation costs and need changing every three to six months. It’s little wonder that people are looking for better value alternatives.

We get many inquiries about this issue at our company UK Water Filters Ltd. We decided to offer customers filters that keep their existing Brita tap and water connection but replace the working filter cartridge with a high quality but cheaper alternative. For additional information please visit our website Economy Brita Replacement Cartridges.

Check out this quick video on how you can change your Brita filter for a more economical alternative

Replace Brita Filters Cheaper

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