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Linda asks…

Home remedies for pink eye?

I promise I’ll pick a best answer 10
Points!!! Thank u!!!

vti answers:

I answered your other question about where to buy eyebright and another effective formula but I did use colloidal silver in a cat’s effective eye and it got rid of the not use silver spoon with it but plastic

you may need to research if you need to dilute it with water as I cannot remember that part

there are some websites though that say it is not effective for pinkeye

If you want to try it they sell it at health food stores.

Richard asks…

Home remedies for conjunctivitis (pink eye)?

I understand the importance of seeing a doctor if conjunctivits does not clear up in a few days, but do you know of any effective home remedies that I could use to help it clear up?

vti answers:

All I know is a warm wash cloth applied to your eyes for 5 mins at a time

Thomas asks…

What are some home remedies for treating pink eye?

vti answers:

Rinse ur eyes with clean cold tap water every 2 hrs till u get a chance to go to pharmacy and buy an over counter red eye remedy drops, but don’t delay it more than 2 days if itch and redness increases.

Lizzie asks…

How do you treat pink eye [any home remedies?]//IS this pink eye?

I work at a daycare, and recently this kid had to be sent home for what we thought was pink eye [his eyes were bloodshot and he couldn’t keep his hands away]. We sanitized basically everything, but when his mom came back, she said he didn’t have pink eye [we’re still unsure if it really was pink eye… but majority is saying it was]

My left eye is sort of gunky, and sort of red- it’s not itchy, but it’s irritated

Are there any basic stuff I can do to make it go away [if atleast make it go by faster?]

vti answers:

There are a lot of different kinds of pink eye: but mainly viral and bacterial. However, dry eyes, corneal abrasions, or even ocular allergies can sometimes be confused with “pink eye.” The official word for pink eye is conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the clear covering that goes over the white part of your eye.

Your best bet is to go to your optometrist and see what kind of “pink eye” you have. There’s no way to really diagnose it over Yahoo Answers. Just FYI–viral conjunctivitis can be HIGHLY contagious for the first week or so; I would recommend getting it checked out before you head back to work with a bunch of little kids.

Donna asks…

pink eye home remedy?

vti answers:

Soak a wash rag in warm/hot water… Not hot enough to scold your skin… Ring out the extra water and place the wash rag over your eyes, making sure its still warm. This will begin to draw out the infection… After the wash rag begins to get cold rinse it out and do it again.

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