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David asks…

What is better?

I have started to give my dogs canidae but i just dont know what is good. I was also wondering if nutro natural choice is good. What should i keep them on???!!!!

vti answers:

Difinantly stick with the Canidae. Do NOT feed Nutro that food is no good. It just got pulled off the shelves again just recently because the lamb they use was recalled.

The foods that are good are…
Solid Gold
Eagle Pack Holistic Select
California Natural

Lizzie asks…

What to feed my lab puppy?

This is not a question, im just writing this for people like me to see when they have questions about puppy food.

After buying a lab puppy at 7 weeks, i was very worried how id feed her, because i kept reading about milk intolerance, luckily for a week, i continued giving her cerelac which the breeder had been giving, then i boldly gave her cooked chicken, mashed with cooked rice, which she ate with no signs of indigestion, i also started giving boiled eggs. one day i saw her greedily eating amuliya milk powder, then i thought there are children allergic to gluten in wheat which they should avoid, doess this mean all children in the world should be denied wheat products which includes bread, pizzas etc. similarly i figured that only those with lactose intolerence should avoid milk, and started giving her this milk powered although in dilute form,

My next worry while surfing the web was about the cheap food pedigree,as i am from India where advanced puppy food is not available and as i cannot buy chicken often, i thought the best i could do was buy this “ilflavored” product and substitute it for chicken whenever i could not buy i noticed that my puppy could not even chew the pellets, i then soaked it with water and after mixing it with rice my puppy ate well, this write up is for those indians who cannot buy expensive puppy food, i also give oats mixed with milk, now shes a bouncy, playful and contented creature keen on focusing her eyes on me with kove and trust, i have written this so that anyone else with the difficulty that i faced first may find this helpful.

vti answers:

I like Pro Plan Performance, Blue, and Holistic Select, I always cooked a little meat, chicken or ground beef and added chicken broth, made it tasty. The liquid helped it to digest a little better.

Lisa asks…

canidae or natures variety?which is better?

i have a 3 month old golden and i want to feed her a really good dog food.i heard great reviews on canidae but did not see any vegetables listed in the ingredients.and natures variety is raw and im not sure if thats good for a puppy.i know another great brand is innova but i heard it gives dogs diarhea.would it be a good idea to mix two of these 3 great foods together.if so which one

vti answers:

I have used Canidae and it is a very good food. I have Great Pyrenees and feed them Eagle Pack Holistic Select for Large breeds.! It is confusing to know what to give our precious furbabies! Good luck!

George asks…

Good dog food in Australia. My dog?

I need a small bite dog food in Australia. For a small Jack Russel. Is my dog a good brand.

vti answers:

I gave you a complete list in your previous question.

No. My Dog is not a good brand, neither are any of the supermarket brands.

Eagle Pack Holistic Select
Nutro Natural
Canidae All Life Stages Grain Free
These are good quality kibbles available in Australia

Laura asks…

What is the best quality dry dog food available in Australia?

I’ve read about lots of high quality brands, but many are not available in Australia. So what is the best quality dry food that you can get here?

vti answers:

I feed Eagle Pack Holistic Select – you can find it at PetStock chains.

You can also get California Naturals, Innova and EVO, however Pets Paradise has bought the rights to sell these foods exclusively and I WILL NOT support pet shops who sell pups and kittens.

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