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Ruth asks…

Eagle Pack Holistic dog food?

I would like you’re reviews on Eagle Pack holistic dog food. Also, where can i buy the Eagle pack holistic dog food large giant breed adult dry in bulk? thanks!

vti answers:

Type ‘reviews eagle pack dog food’ (no quotes) into your search engine…if there are reviews, you should find them… There’s also some info at the source site (a list of MANY dog food brands and an evaluation of them (Including Eagle Pack)…the site also tells you where you can buy the brand of food…

Michael asks…

Is Purina Beneful a good dog food?

I am looking to switch my dog‘s food brand and want to get something that is healthy but that I don’t need to go to a specialty dog food store for.

vti answers:

You can pretty much bet that any commercial dog food is NOT healthy. Look at the ingredients if the main ingredient is something like corn or meat by-product then it’s not the kind of food you want to give your dog. Try looking up holistic dog foods.

George asks…

Cant find Nutrience holistic dog food ?

Hj guys
I’m so frustrated as I used to feed my goggle holistic food by nutrience

However went to petsmart and couldnt find it

They change packages and no holistic at all

Store assistance was useless

I don’t know what to do. Did they replaced it with something else ?!

Thank you

vti answers:

Petco has lots of choices on holistic food they have i believe its called “Spots Stew” and wellness

Mary asks…

Dog Food???

My dogs are on Purinia ONE. So is my sister’s puppy. They all have bad gas. My sister took her puppy to the vet and asked about switching food to help. Her vet said to switich to Authority or Nutro. We are going to switch my dogs too, but i haven’t heard of authority. is it good?

vti answers:

Based on they don’t rate Authority food very good. If you are going to choose between the two, I would choose the Nutro Ultra Holistic food. It only rates about a 3 (still not good but better than Authority).

We give our shih tzu Blue Buffalo. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula (dry food) does not use animal by-products and their gluten-free recipes do not contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Their food also does not have corn, wheat or soy, which have been known to trigger allergies.

You can go to the website: and read more about the products they have. You can also request a free sample (and a $3 coupon) so you can see if your dog is going to like it before you buy a larger bag.

Their treats and canned food were on the recall list so I don’t recommend those.

You’ll get lots of different answers about food here, but the best food for your dog is one that meets her health and nutritional needs. Nobody can access those for your dog but you.

A good indication if the food you are giving your dog is good for them is to see how much they are pooping. If they are pooping alot, the food is probably not very nutritious. If its runny then it’s not agreeing with their tummy. If they are pooping once or twice a day and the stool is firm, then the food is probably nutritious and they are digesting the nutrients in the food well.

Jenny asks…

Do any one know if Actr1um Holistic is a good dog food ?

I was in Walmart shopping and i came upon Actr1um Holistic dog food. when i look on the ingredients,it seem okay for a walmart product.The ingredients do not have any corn,wheat and by-product and it have real meat and vegetable and nutrients for dogs. The price is quiet reasonable for this dog food too.
I just want to know if any one try it before? and if it’s a good dog food for my dog unlike the other walmart dog food product.

vti answers:

Personally, I would never buy any dog food from Walmart.
But it has a good rating on dogfoodadvisor:

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