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Your Questions About Natural Remedies

Sandy asks…

What kind of distance-learning degrees can I get? Anything interesting and fun?

I know all the boring ones that everyone advertises–business, nursing, etc. Anyone know of any fun or interesting ones?

Probably from a real school, but for the right education, I may be interested in a non-accredited school. (I saw some for natural health/holistic medicine that I don’t think are accredited.)

I’m interested in bachelors, masters or doctorates. Also even individual classes if they’re fun and interesting.

vti answers:

Well that really depends on what you consider interesting. I would go to and then click on distance education/online learning and u can search by major or areas of interest. That will help u. Good luck

Mary asks…

anyone know of an alternative medicine equine vet in NC?

i was wondering if anyone knows of a vet that does holistic medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic etc, near raliegh, north carolina. also reasonably priced… im kinda on a tight budget at the moment.
my horse has got what is called a hunters hump, which is supposed to b a sign of some ligament damage in her hind end. thought it would b a good idea to go this route, since everything else hasnt worked.
id appreciate the help.

vti answers:

This site can help you to find an AVCA certified veterinarian chiropractor, who may also be qualified in the field of alternative medicine. But at least it will be an actual veterinarian, and not just an unlicensed practitioner.


Lisa asks…

how do i become educated in alternative medicine?

Im really interested in alternative/natural medicine and i would like to become a proffessional. What should i do? Do i need to study “normal” medicine first? do you know some good school or something that offers online courses (as i live in Slovakia). I feel this is something i really want to do in my life but i dont know how to start. Im esp interested in holistic medicine, herbs, nutrition and accupressure

vti answers:

This is my field and I love what I do. The best education is experience. But that is not hard to come by. I now know hundreds of others in this field and we lean and learn from each other. If you are truly interested in this contact me and I will help you in every way I can.

Sandra asks…

What is the best holistic and alternative medicine way to treat congestive heart failure?


vti answers:

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is nothing to mess around with. Avoiding salt is the first
step, but medications are needed to improve heart function as well as regulate fluid levels
in the body. If not brought under control, CHF can cause death. Get the help you need.

Richard asks…

Are You Ever Disturbed By The Total Lack of Scientific Knowledge of the Average Person?

It just amazes me the crap i read on yahoo answers. I was in the psychology forum and someone asked if having deja vu meant you were having a psychic moment and almost everyone who answered said “absolutely, we all have psychic powers….” What about people buying into ancient or holistic medicine or the century and half old debate about evolution? I could come up with a thousand more examples but i am limited on the number of words that i can type.

So are you ever just totally disturbed by the lack of scientific knowledge of your average citizen?

vti answers:

There’s actually a related problem that disturbs me even more.

The fact that people have crappy science knowledge is sad.

But what is really *dangerous* is just how easy it is for these people to develop an outright *hatred* of people who do understand, or even enjoy science …

… With a special disdain for scientists!

You don’t see people who are bad in history hate historians. Or ones who are bad at poetry hating poets. Or someone who can’t play a musical instrument hating musicians.

So why are people who are bad at science also prone to literally *despising* scientists!

You see it in the discussions about evolution, or about global warming. When it is pointed out that the majority of scientists agree on both evolution and on global warming, then the response is, without hesitation, that all scientists are either frauds, or idiots, or both. *ALL* of them.

None of these people seem phased by the idea that these same scientists are curing diseases, and providing energy, and making their lives better. None of them seem aware of the irony that they are willing to call scientists all idiots … Using a computer to do so.

Where does such utter disdain for a profession come from?

I once asked (see source) the following question in R&S:
“Creationists: Do you think scientists are universally stupid, or universally corrupt?”

And it was absolutely *astounding* to me how many people said … Without hesitation …. “both”!

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