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Mary asks…

what are some home remedies for a sore throat?

i have a sore throat right now and it hurts to cough, swallow, and sometimes it hurts to inhale. does anybody have WORKING home remedies out there?

vti answers:

The best home remedy is homey and lime. Put some honey in a bowl and squeeze enough lime in it so that the mixture is a bit sour. The lime will cut the cold and the honey will soothe the throat. Take about a tablespoon every hour. This ALWAYS works for me plus it is quite yummy. Hp u feel better =)

Lisa asks…

I am quite sick with no chance of going to the doctor — need home remedy?

I either have strep, or bronchitus, all I know is it is hard to breathe, I am coughing a lot, though, it’s not the rough gritty coughs, just random fits of coughing and my throat feels raw. It’s been like this for a week or two, we have to pay over $100 to go to the doctor, we’re poor, so that’s not a possibility. I’ve noticed people seem to care more about your personal life and who you are when answering a question, so, please, answer it with home remedies for my symptoms instead of being concerned about me not going to the doctor.


vti answers:

Go somewhere and see a doctor of some sort (Have to say that or else I can be sued by the City AND State for not giving good advice)

As far as home remedies that’s difficult as strep is a bacterial infection and requires antibiotics for quick remedy. How ever you can ease your suffering while your body fights it off by gargeling with warm salt water and nasal gel (NOT SPRAY) there is a “cold remedy” in the local drug stroe that is a local over the counter gel for instant absorbation into the blood stream through the nose try that to see if it helps any at all.

Your throat feels raw because of the constant coughing (air is drying out the membranes along the esophogus) keep a bottle of water with you at all times or throat spray, do your best to stay away from cirtrus fruity stuff Citric acid can burn if there is an open sore.

Strep throat is a serious matter, unchecked it can cause a high fever and even kill. Surviving that, it leads for future infections of the throat and eventual rupture of the esophogus. In other words, I don’t care how bad off you are, you will be worse if you don’t suck it up and pay for meds. Missing work because you refuse to get medical attention will only add to your money problems.

Carol asks…

How to stop a dry cough ?

I’ve had a bad cold for a few days now & I want to stop coughing so violently. My throat doesn’t hurt though since I have a humidifier in my bedroom. But I want some nice home remedies for my cough. Preferably not honey though. Honey upsets my stomach & it’s too sweet for me. Please help ;o

vti answers:

Try lipton tea or chicken soup. Or you could just go to the pharmacy and get some over the counter medicine for coughs

Laura asks…

Sore Throat! Whats the best thing to get rid of it ASAP?Always starts just as a basic cough, takes weeks to go?

by that time its been every type of cough there is & my throat is raw! Doctors wont ever give me anything & this time i cant afford to be off work again! So im thinking to get it at the beginning before it really kicks in.

Im thinking home remedies rather than cough medicines…maybe gargling several times a day with something?

Any helpful suggestions ?

vti answers:

Drinking lots of orange juice or taking vitamin C will help. Gargling with warm salt water will help the soreness and swelling in your throat. You should still take some sort of medicine everyday. Have you ever tried Airborne? It is an herbal remedy that some people swear by.

Daniel asks…

What are some good home remedies for a cold?

I have the works!
Itchy throat
stuffed/runny nose
sinus headache

what are some home remedies that have worked for you? 😀
LOL having a cough irritates my asthma… thats probably how I should have worded it 😛

vti answers:

Hot orange juice, netty pot for your nose, peppermint oil in the bath tub, sinus meds for your head, a blanket and some good movies. Drink, drink, drink. You need to flush out all the snot in your head, and hot drinks will soothe you’re throat.

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