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Donna asks…

does high quality dog food cause soft stools?

I wanted to do what was best for my dobie pup. So I gradually switched him from canadie because he had loose poop when I got him to Innova large breed puppy food.He still has loose poop. at 4 and a half months. Believe me I have tried everything. Probiotics, pumpkin.worming, tested for giardia. No change.Now a dobie breeder I have bought from in the past has told me to use Purina One. A supermarket food. Says her vets think high quality foods are too hard to digest and will cause loose stools. I can’t help but hesitate to do this as it goes against everything I ave been told .But she swears purina one will work. The breeder says to get him off puppy food . But he had him on canadie and he had loose stool when I got him. The vet couldn’t find anything wrong so she wormed him …..again. He tested negative for giardia. She wants to do trial and error but I don’t kow what she will try next.
Has anyone ever heard about good food being hard to digest /and causing an ongoing problem?

vti answers:

My dog always had loose poop with Innova. His poop is fine with Holistic Select.

Edit: Canidae was another poop-pudding producing food.

I would check out any of the four star foods on Such foods produced firm and formed stools for us.

Mandy asks…

my dog gets eye boogers constantly?

she gets them after short naps,after a walk i’ll notice them
pretty much every time i look at her,but her eyes are clean and look normal and she doesn’t seem bothered by them so i was just wondering if thats normal or if i should be worried

also,sorry for saying “eye boogers” i don’t know what else to call them lol

vti answers:

Yes, could be related to food (allergies) What are you feeding? Get something with no corn, wheat, or soy, OR by-products. Check out: Taste of the Wild, Wellness, Innova, Blue Buffalo, Holistic Select, Timberwolf Organics or Solid Gold.

Lizzie asks…

MY MIN PIN scratches a lot and have white stuff like dandruff all over his body?

vti answers:

Feed your dog a high quality food like…
Eagle pack holistic select

And add fish oil pills to your dogs food. The omega 3 and 6 will add oils back to the skin.

Thomas asks…

how can you faten up your dog?

vti answers:

If you want your dog to gain weight then feed your dog a high quality PUPPY food. Puppy food is higher in calories and has more nutrients in it.

The foods i like are…
Eagle Pack Holistic Select

Nancy asks…

What is the best High Quality Dog Foods?

I am trying to find the best dog food for my new puppy, I know Solid gold, Blue buffalo and Taste of the wild, are good ones, but what would you recommend?
I want it to be higher quality and price really doesn’t matter..well, unless it’s 100$ a bag! 🙂
(I’m not showing or breeding, I just want my dog to be healthy.)

Are there any that have puppy, adult and senior with multiple flavors?

Thanks, I will give best answer!
Taste of wild has tomato pomace in it, and that’s a controversial ingredient by-product remaining after processing tomatoes into juice, soup and ketchup.

And Blue Buffalo has been recalled, that scares me.

vti answers:

California Naturals
Canidae All Life Stages
Taste of the Wild
Wellness and Wellness CORE
Eagle Pack Holistic Selects

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