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Lisa asks…

How to help a sore throat?

I have a really big singing audition in a week for my high school’s show choir. It’s really competitive and my choir director said I have a great shot at getting in, but I caught a cold. I can barely sing. This can potentially ruin my chances of getting into show choir. Any good, at home remedies for a sore throat and cold, or any good throat coats for singers? I’m desperate and willing to try anything (within SOME reason).
btw – no honey. I’m allergic.

vti answers:

Have you tried a sore throat shake at caribou coffee? That really helped me.

Try cold things such as popsicles and juice, but NO ice cream.
Gargle some warm water and salt maybe?
Sore throat spray should numb the pain. Mints, hard candy, sucrets and other cough drops will help as well.
Is your sore throat associated with a fever or a cold?

I had a fever and sore throat recently and nothing really made the pain go away, it was mostly time and my fever going away.
I’m a singer and the best thing to is to let your voice rest. Your sore throat will most likely fade within a week so you shouldn’t be too worried.

Good luck at the audition 🙂

Charles asks…

Sore throat remedy or helpful tips and tricks to get rid of it?

Just soneothig I could do because it sucks… I have had school this whole week and it’s really annoying to go through school with a sore throat. Just a home remedy or tips or tricks thanks to all!

vti answers:

The best thing that we have found that works is to gargle some salt water or listerine for the salt water you just put one or two tablespoons in a glass of water and mix it until it dissolves and gargle for about thirty seconds and gargle the same amount of time with the listerine

Chris asks…

Need to get of this sore throat by tonight, any home remedies?

Im off to see Foo Fighters tonight (standing!!), but have a sore throat and I really want to sing along!!

Any home remedies? Im not fond of lemsip, sore throat sweets and stuff like that. ^^;

vti answers:

Gargal warm salt water. Has to be warm and hot plain tea helps too

Donna asks…

home remedies to cure sore throat?

I’ve got a really sore throat, and it hurts when I swallow. I don’t have a fever or a cough, and I feel perfectly normal other than the very sore throat. I’ve taken cough medicine and throat sweets but they’re making no difference – does anyone have any home remedies to ease the throat pain?

Please don’t just advise me to go to the doctor because I don’t feel sick. I’m sure the throat pain will go away by itself in a few days but I’d like to relieve the pain if I can!

vti answers:

Gargle with hot salt water. Tea with honey and lemon is good too. I’s not going to cure the root cause, but it will relieve it until it goes away on it’s own. Only go to a doctor if you have a high fever.

Joseph asks…

What are some good home remedies to get over a sinus infection?

To be more specific, I have an earache in each ear, head ache, runny stuffed up nose, fever, sore throat, and sneezing.
I don’t have a chance to go to the doctors and get medication yet, so are there any home remedies that can maybe speed up the process of getting better?

vti answers:

Well, when we were children and had those problems, mom would boil water, put some Vick’s vapor rub in the water and had us put out face over the steam with a towel on our head to help relieve the stuffiness. It really does work and boy, is this old. Earache,, what she did is not good for anyone’s ear so I won’t even bother, but because with an earache, the inside may be swollen, take some Motrin to relieve the swelling and fever. The remedy will also be good for the sneezing. She would also rub out chests with the Vick’s. Try them, you can’t go wrong, Oh, for the sore throat, she made a mixture of lemon juice and honey, That too really works. I have been a nurse for 30 yrs and I still like using these. Good luck, hope you feel better soon.

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