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John asks…

Home remedies for a sore throat?

I have a horrible sore throat, anybody know some home remedies to cure it?

vti answers:

My mom always tells me to add 1 spoonful of salt into a glass and add warm water. (remember that you can resist the warmness of the water)*NOT HOT, JUST WARM. Don’t drink it. All you have to do is a deep gargle until reaching the throat. Do this 3 times a day. And eat lots of vitamin C fruits. A warm lemonade. Oranges. Etc. You should not drink anything cold, or anything sweet. And you should take anti biotic cuz sore throats are infections.

Susan asks…

Fastest way to cure a sore throat?

I just recently got a sore throat well at least thats what i think it is. It kinda hurts when i swallow and my voice has very noticeably changed. My birthday is tomorrow so this sore throat couldn’t have come at a worser time. Please what are some home remedies that cure sore throats really fast? that isn’t traditional medicine. I’m not asking for a miracle i know it takes time to cure but i at least wanna get my normal voice back already.

vti answers:

You answered you own question. “It takes time to cure.” Time is the only thing that will cure a sore throat, assuming it’s just a cold.

Drink as much milk as you want. It doesn’t increase mucous production(myth).

To alleviate symptoms, warm liquids and hard candies/lozenges can help. Take some acetaminophen, if you’re not opposed to it and get some rest.

Gargling with salt water may help, but not for the reasons he suggests.

David asks…

Any good remedies for a sore throat and a high temperature?

I’m off to uni in a couple of days but I’m not looking forward to it as much as I was because I’m worried I’m going to be too ill to enjoy freshers week. I don’t feel too bad but I have a sore throat, a slightly high temperature and my ears are feeling a little blocked. Do u recommend any home remedies or medicines that I can take so I don’t feel too grotty next week?

vti answers:

I recommend taking some meds for the pain and getting a ton of rest while you still can, drink a lot of fluids.
Good luck!

Ken asks…

What’s the best medicine or remedy for severe sore throat?

I don’t have health insurance and my sore throat is killing me! It hurts to swallow. My ears hurt a little too. What is the best over the counter medicine for this, or home remedy?

vti answers:

My doctor recommended that I use two teaspoons of salt (sea) in a cup of water and if I don’t have a Netti Pot , inhale that to have an antibiotic reaction while cleansing nose and throat.
Gargle with the same kind of solution.
Put a piece of garlic in each cheek and as you keep your mouth moist the garlic will soothe your throat.
Make some “magic tea”. Prepare tea, steep for six minutes then add two teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of APPLE cider vinegar.
What works is to slice an onion, stack slices in a jar, one Slice of onion then sprinkle sugar, do that with each layer until the onion is used up. Leave it on the counter and a syrup will form, take two teaspoons at a time.
I fixed it after breakfast, had two teas after dinner and two before bed and woke up feeling so much better.
Surely you have something on hand from the above list that will help.
Keep gargling with the warm salt water in any case.
Take care of this , strep can have consequences.
If you haven’t gotten this under control by tomorrow see a doctor please?

Betty asks…

What gets rid if a sore throat and mild nasal congestion?

I’m looking for the best over the counter stuff to help me or any proven home remedies you know of. I have a sore throat and slight nasal congestion and drip. I already tried tea… Help!

vti answers:

Gargle with warm salt water and get some kind of decongestant medicine with a pain reliever in it (Tylenol Cold multi-symptom comes to mind), some throat lozenges or hard candy will help keep your throat moist and help with the pain a little.

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