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Susan asks…

High Blood pressure?

Does anyone know if you have high blood pressure if you should go on the pills or just better ones life style and what else will lower it.

vti answers:

High blood pressure runs in my family, and mine has been considered borderline high all of my life and can spike with stress. I did not want to use “traditional” prescription medicine as I watched my parents and other relatives battle it out with too much medication, too many diuretics and on and on. I have done a lot of research into natural health remedies, and have found that adding fresh ginger into my diet, has really helped lower my blood pressure and has also actually improved my cholesterol; by lowering the overall level and has actually raised my “good” cholesterol. As I am getting older, I have vowed to take better care of myself; for myself and everything else will fall into place. The big health changes I have made over the past year have been, more consistent exercise(I know everyone hates to hear that, but it does work…walking everyday for one half hour), cutting down on processed foods, eating fresh ginger, (I even put slices into herbal tea), grate onto vegetables or salad, and put fried slices into rice dishes (Fried in a small amount of Smart Balance or Olive Oil). I have also eliminated heartburn by taking apple cider vinegar tablets. If I am going to be eating spicy foods, I will also take a tablespoonful of Organic, unpasteurized, unfiltered Apple Cider vinegar. I buy Spectrum Naturals in my local supermarket, and it can also be purchased in health food stores. All of these factors have improved my overall health, my blood pressure is only slightly elevated, but consistantly improving, I sleep better through the night (no heartburn or acid reflux) and I was diagnosed with stress related heartburn when I was a teenager. Unless your blood pressure is severely high (check with your doctor before making any of these changes…) these suggestions are all worth a try. I know some other people who have had to be on medication initially, and have then researched more alternative help, once their pressure lowers. Best of luck to you.

Charles asks…

high blood pressure remedies?

my mother has high blood pressure and it got real high last night at 170/105. my question is are there any natural remedies that may help lower her blood pressure so she can wing off medication besides exercising and healthy eating? i know that’s the reason why it’s high in the first place, but is there anything specific that may help?

vti answers:

Nutmeg: Lowers Blood Pressure
HOW IT WORKS: “Warming spices” like nutmeg can bring blood from the center of the body to the skin. This helps disperse the blood more evenly throughout the body, reducing overall pressure.
TRY TO GET: 1/2 to 1 teaspoon a day.
USE IT: Steam 1 head of broccoli and one potato until soft, and then puree with 1/4 cup butter and 4 to 5 gratings of fresh nutmeg or 1/4 teaspoon of ground nutmeg.

Ken asks…

is there a herbal remedy for high blood pressure?

I don’t like taking the stuff i take it makes me sick anybody have any recomdations!!!!

vti answers:

Deep breathing exercise is the best form of natural therapy. The purpose of deep abdominal breathing is to increase a healthy flow of oxygen to all parts of the body. As the blood becomes more oxygenated, the heart has to do less high pressure pumping, thereby reducing high blood pressure.

Too much blood? Th body contains between eight and nine litres of blood. If you are overweight, there is more blood. More blood means the heart has to work harder, increasing the blood pressure.

Make sure your body has enough iron. The haemoglobin molecule that transports oxygen in the blood contains an iron molecule. A lack of iron will reduce the ability of the blood to transport oxygen. Less oxygen, means the heart has to work harder, increasing the blood pressure.

Exercise increases the heart’s pumping capacity. It also increases the ability of the circulatory system to carry blood effectively. A healthy pump, healthy arteries and healthy veins means that the blood is transported efficiently. The heart has to do less pumping and the blood pressure reduces.

Ruth asks…

My wife has high blood pressure, what are some good natural (herbal) remedies that she could take?

vti answers:

Funny. O was just reading about this and posted my own question about chest pains.

This is what I read:
hawthorn (slow acting but reliable. Dont expect results for like a month)

ginkgo biloba

Garlic (cheapest way is to eat one raw clove a day, but it burns the mouth a bit [also it is natures antibiotic!!!!])

Rauwolfia (SMALL dose! Very good! Nasal congestion is the most liekyl side effect. [I havent taken Rauwolfia, but I do take natures way “fenu-thyme” for sinus congestion. It may counter act the symptom from rauwolfia])


Goji juice

herbal diuretics (reduce salt and fluids in the body, so the heart has less moisture to move around=lowers blood pressure. These include: dandelion, willow, red clover, alfalfa)

Vitamin E (but not over 100 IU for women with high blood pressure, and other such probs)

Siberian ginseng can help to lower high bp, but chinese ginseng raises it
Reduce salt
get to a healthy weight
excercise (under doctors plan. Nothing too big too fast!)
biofeedback (using the mind to help control the body)
blood thinners, like aspirin
Potassium is good for this! It is found in the following (I only wrote down in my notebook the things I was willing to eat, so this list is not exhaustive):
apricots (dried)
banana (raw)
honey dew
lima beans
orange juice
peanuts (dry roasted and unsalted)
baked potatoe ( with the skin)
Unrefined and unprocessed foods. Like wheat bread over white bread (the chemical process to make bred whit is terrible!)
garlic, onion, whole grains, FLAX SEED (preferably in grain form, but the liquid can be used as well)
Avoid dairy as much as possible
Coenzyme Q-10
Lastly I do have to say that with any advice you get, research those herbs several times to make sure they will be safe.

Hope all goes well,

Linda asks…

Home (Natural) Remedy for lower blood pressure…?

Hello All!

I am 32 years and I have hypertension. last year I weaned myself off of the prescription Lisonopril. I was recommended to take 20 mg of this medication however I had a severe chronic cough allergic reaction. I have been taking the following remedies to help:

1. 1000 mg of Garlic Pills;
2. Coenzyme Q 10 50 mg X 3 times per day;
3. Low Dosage Aspirin 81 mg X 3 times per day;
4. Udo’s Choice (Oil) blend 2 pills X 3 times per day:

Still my pressure is high as of now 138 over 83. I would like to get it a lot lower. Anyone have a recommendation as I am trying to do htis naturally?

vti answers:

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not a big fan of homeopathic BS. I am 27 and had high blood pressure when I was 24. After I found that out, I took to running and watching what I ate. I think particularly it was the running for me. It brought my BP down from 140/93 to 118/81. If you are overweight or out of shape, exercise can make all the difference. If you have hypertension for another medical condition though, you need to get appropriately medicated with prescription drugs. The longer you wait, the more disservice you are doing to your body.

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