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Your Questions About Natural Remedies

Susan asks…

what is the difference between holistic and homeopathic?

Does holistic medicine incorporate traditional drugs?

vti answers:

Holistic medicine refers to the system as a whole ex. The biological, psychological and social factors are interlinked and this interlinking is crucial to the patients health. It doesn’t have to incorporate traditional drugs.

Homeopathy (totally fake by the way), deals in the notion that an ill person can be treated by the substance that would cause the symtoms of an illness. The substance is diluted in water a LOT of times to a point where no molecules of the substance are even present in the water. It is believed that this water (and it’s only water) will heal the person.

Maria asks…

Easiest way to become a doctor?

I want to go into alternative medicine, but the FDA and other government agencies are cracking down on holistic medicine and natural health practitioners. Now days, if you want the government off your back, you need to become a doctor of some sort. Should I go chiropractic? Are there any other doctor programs that are quicker?

vti answers:

The government is NOT cracking down on the use of alternative meds – they spend billions of dollars every year researching them – – I used to do just that – – what they are cracking down on is unsafe/lack of/bad science. Be glad for that – – it prevents people from getting hurt, and I’ve seen plenty of that.

Just for the sake of posterity – here is the national institutes of healths complimentary and alternative health website. Just so you know they aren’t the enemy.

Become a doctor – – then you’ll know WHY these things work and have a much better chance of making a real difference – – publish articles, speak at your capitol, AND see patients.

Chiropractors provide valuable services to some, but they are not doctors.

Sorry, there are no shortcuts to becoming a doctor…it takes that long to learn how this body works from a molecular to a systematic to an organism level.

In theory, I guess you could become a registered dietician, since most herbs are considered supplements, and not drugs. Just an idea, but maybe one worth looking into…

Jenny asks…

What are the most effective holistic medicine?

I am looking into going into a career into complementary and alternative medicine. I was looking into homeopathy, naturopathy and osteopathy. I am just what a great field to go into that is becoming popular. I am not saying that they don’t work but I want to get into a field that I can rely on and works effectively. What are some studies and research done that supports it?

vti answers:

As a Naturopath, I thought I would comment on your question. I can’t comment on research and studies, but can give you personal experience.

I’ve been in this field for over 10 years and work with a variety of types of people. I would say that the answer to your question depends greatly upon which state you live in. Some states license Naturopaths and require significant schooling (check out and testing to become licensed. But those states also accept Naturopaths fees for insurance purposes as well. Other states, like the one in which I reside (Texas), do not license Naturopaths and in fact are aggressively trying to keep us from practicing. Insurance does not cover any of my fees and it’s been my experience that people will want to rely on the cheapest thing possible; $5.00 meds with insurance will ultimately win out with most patients before the are willing to spend $50.00 on a bottle of herbs that will be healthier for them. It comes down to money for most people, so I would definitely consider that when making your decision. Health coaching seems to be the most popular avenue right now and some insurance companies in some states will actually pay for that service, so I would encourage you to look into that as well. Osteopathy is a medical degree in all states and that’s not considered holistic medicine (in my opinion), although most osteopaths are more open-minded than most MD’s, they still regularly write prescriptions and not all of them will address the root cause of an illness like a Naturopath does.

Hope that helps!
Melissa Wood, ND

George asks…

I want a profession that involves,outreach work in community,and/or to worldwide. I want to be a network speci?

I want to be a network specilaist and I also want to utilize holistic medicine in a clinical setting and go in to the field of mind/body work. Things like strees reduction and addiction.I am having a hard time trying to figure what the profession is I am looking for..Please help me focus, because I am all over the place. Thankyou

vti answers:

Think you should volunteer at a local clinic, rehab, health centre, etc., and find out if it is what you really want to do before you commit yourself to years of study for a speciality you aren’t too fond of. Network specialist requires some training, you could start that at the same time and your heart will tell you which is best for you.

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know of any good resources for services or information regarding adults with autism?

It seems like the only info or help available is for children. My autistic brother is 26 and fairly high functioning, but had a regression two years ago and has not yet returned to his old self. My parents and I are frustrated and don’t know what to do to help him. He has seen every sort of specialist from mental health to holistic medicine we can think of and we have tried things like chelation, diets, speech therapy, vitamins, psych meds and counseling. Nothing made a difference. It is beginning to feel like there must be some secret island that autistic people are sent to at age 18, because no one seems to have any knowledge about working with autistic people when they become adults.

vti answers:

I do not know where you live but here the Scottish Rite group of the Masonic lodge has an absolutely wonderful school that specializes in Autism. You might check your local Masonic Lodge for advice. Good luck

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