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Sandra asks…

what are some home remedies for pink eye?

vti answers:

Here is a link to some remedies you can do at home and are natural!

Good luck!


Richard asks…

I think I have pink eye, are there any home remedies?

I wear contacts and I think I have developed pink eye. I was wondering if there were any home remedies you can recommend before I get to go by the doctor (my family doctor and eye doctor is away because of the upcoming holiday)…

vti answers:

No home remedy as “Pink eye” is an infection. See another Ophthalmologist and get meds to resolve it.

Mandy asks…

pink- eye?

my eye is killing me and this morning it was glued shut and now i can hardly keep it open on top of the fact that is bloodshot! I already have gone to the doctor and i keep pick up the eye drops when i the pharmacy opens, but are there any at home remedies for pinkeye?

vti answers:

Here’s a home remedy: Make a cup of black tea, using a teabag, not loose stuff.

Remove the teabag from the cup (before you add milk&sugar!). Squeeze it out as much as you can. When the bag is cooled a little, but still warm, put the warm, wet teabag on your eye. You can keep it in place with a peice of gause, or lie down to keep it on the eye. Wash those hands to prevent contamination! Keep the bag on the eye untill it gets cold, or at least 15 minutes. Do this 2-3 times a day.

You can drink the tea, or toss it, what ever. I don’t know why this works, but it helped me several times when I was without health insureance!

Laura asks…

pink eye home remedies?

does anyone have a pink eye home remedy?

vti answers:

Pink eye is conjuctivities, you can try Chamomile tea from the health food store, make it as if you were making tea, if you are using tea bags remove tea bag after 5minutes , if you are Lucky to find the dried chamomile flowers broo it for 15 minutes and strain it,cover it up with cling film and let it cool down, when cold wash your hands and dunk a cotton ball in the chamomile tea and wash your eyes with it 3 times a day would be Ideal but if you cannot apply it in the morning and before going to bed.
Good luck

Mary asks…

Your Open Question: Home remedies to treat pink eye? ?

List alot please!

vti answers:

Only thing that will cure it is antibiotic eye drops prescribed by your doctor. Don’t be messing with your eyes, if an eye infection is not cured it will cause irreversible damage to your eye…

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