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Donald asks…

Best home remedy for a cough?

I’ve had a slight cough for a couple of days and I don’t think it is a cold. What are the best home remedies to sooth or get rid of the cough?

vti answers:

Try to determine the cause first.

But common cough remedies are vinegar mixed with water, tea with honey, honey with thyme or oregano leaves.

On another note, dry air might be the cause and a simple remedy would be drinking water.

Carol asks…

What Is The Best Home Remedy Or Over The Counter?

remedy for getting rid of this chronic cough.

I had a cold a couple of weeks back and got over it quickly, but I can’t seem to shake this dry chronic coughing.

Sometimes I can’t say a full sentence without coughing and coughing.

Anyone know of a good home remedy, if not, what is the best over the counter remedy. I am drinking a lot of water.


vti answers:

There is an herb called mullein leaf. It is great for healing coughs and getting over bronchial infections.

There are some herbal formulas at the health food store for cughs that have mullein in it or the best would be to take it alone, either in Tincture or Capsule.

Laura asks…

What is a good home remedy for a congested throat?

My 5 year-old niece is sick. We took her to the city with us, last night. She was coughing nonstop! I got a Sunny Delight at Quick Trip and she coughed all over it. So I drank it and woke up this morning, barely breathing. What is a good home remedy?

vti answers:

Honey with lemon is good. Essential oils are good too. Peppermint, eucalyptus, doTerra’s Breathe and On Guard blends are great! Yes, hot showers, or putting a pot on the stove with water and essential oils, turning it on, putting a towel over your head and the pot, then inhaling the steam (make sure it’s not too hot).

Betty asks…

Does anyone have a good home remedy treatment for wheezing?

I have been wheezing and coughing for about the past 10 days. I have been taking an antibiotic for the past 5 days, but not sure if it’s effective. Does anyone have experience with a home remedy (steam treatment, etc) that can clear my lungs? Coughing is mostly unproductive (occasionally I have a really hard productive cough).

vti answers:

Hot herbal tea will clear it up

Susan asks…

What is the best home remedies for a cold?

I have a really bad cold(stuffy/runny nose, cough, sore throat, no fever, but the worst is my ears feel like they need to pop so everything is muffled) So my question does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do/take to help get rid of this cold. I have had it for 5 days now and I am just sick of it. (Any suggestions are welcomed, medicine, home remedies etc). Thank you!

vti answers:

I know w/ a sore throat.. O.j.. Just doesn’t sound that appealing.. But it really help to boost your immune system and get you to feeling better. Plus taking vicks and rubbing all over your throat and chest and covering w/ a dish towel… Will help.. Take care…

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