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Donald asks…

Sinus Infection? Home remedies to get rid of the infection?

Don’t want to go to the doctor just yet.

vti answers:

If it’s really an infection, then you need anti-biotics. But you may have just sinus blockage. One-time use of something like Afrin will open your sinuses up temporarily. One of the best things on the market today is Mucinex or Mucinex-D. It thins out the mucus and allows drainage and help in clearing up the blockage. Home remedies for more comfort: Hot tea, hot lemonade, holding a towel over some hot water and breathing in, hot shower. You want to look into identifying any allergies, as they will often precede and trigger the sinus problems. Hope this helps you.

Nancy asks…

How to cure sinus through home remedies?

do help me! its urgent.

vti answers:

* Lime juice mixed with a glass full of warm water and a spoon of honey is a good remedy against common cold and other upper respiratory tract infection.
* Consumption of soup enriched by garlic is a wonderful remedy of getting rid of common cold.
* A mixture of onion juice and garlic juice consumed by diluting it in warm water helps in solving influenza problem.
* Consumption of ginger tea several times a day is very beneficial for treating common cold.
* consumption of haldi (turmeric powder) mixed with warm sweetened milk helps in treating any kind of allergy and influence
* Stream inhalation is very beneficial in common cold
* Hot fomentations over chest and head cold are a good remedial method of getting rid of common cold.
* Boil 5 to 10 black pepper with equal quantity of sugar cubes in about 300 grams of water until one forth of water is left. Consume this hot, thrice a day for resolving the common cold problem.
* 10 grams of Sprague is taken in a clean cloth and is then tie all the ends of the cloth. Now heat this cloth in a container and sniff this. It helps in relieving the nasal congestion and blockage.
* Lemon slice is added to the large jug container 2 table spoon of barley. Now add boiling water to it. Cover the jug and leave it undisturbed over night. Next morning the residue is collected and consumed. It is very effective remedy in treating common cold.

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Laura asks…

home remedies?

do u know any home remedies for a sore throat, stuffy nose, coughing, and ear infection?? im really sick and i hate it its cool when u loose ur voice but the rest i hate it please help me!! thanks!!

vti answers:

Well I can tell you something that will definitely help the cough. 4 Teaspoons of honey, 1 tsp of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of brandy. If you heat it and drink it warm it’s nice and it really helps. I tend to pour in some honey, lemon and a tiny brandy without being exact about the measures, but that gives you a guideline. It’s amazing how wonderful it works for a cough. I use some Vick’s vapor rub over the bridge of my nose and under my nose as well as around the outer edges. That’s nice to open your sinus up. Good luck to you, I know it’s miserable. I have to depend on natural things when I get like that. I can’t take over the counter medications since I take Thyroid medication. By the way, a vaporizer or cool mist humidifier is a life saver!

Paul asks…

Does any one know any home remedies for sinus headaches?

I have sinus headaches about ten months out of the year. After I take antibiotics and decongestants, the headache comes back. I am sure it is a sinus headache. Thanks My head is killing me.

vti answers:

I have chronic sinus infections that comes with sinus headaches…I know of two things that help me the best is:

1. Hot shower…the steam really does help.

2. A cool pack that was in the freezer placed on your forhead or on the nose.

Alternating the hot shower and the cool pack really helped mine.

As for that smelly stuff…It bothered me real bad…Caused the headache to get worse. Maybe it is beccause I am allergic to strong senses…

Good Luck!

P.s. Here is a website that might help you.

Sandy asks…

Any good home remedies for sinusitis?

My nasal passages are completely stopped up~

vti answers:


Home remedies that open and hydrate sinuses may, indeed, be the only treatment necessary for mild sinusitis that is not accompanied by signs of acute infection.

Drinking plenty of fluids and taking rest when needed is still the best bit of advice to ease the discomforts of common cold. Water is the best fluid and helps lubricate the mucous membranes.

Hot soups do indeed help congestion. The hot steam from the soup may be its chief advantage. In fact, any hot beverage may have similar soothing effects from steam. Ginger tea, fruit juice, and hot tea with honey and lemon may all be helpful.

Spicy foods that contain hot peppers or horseradish may help clear sinuses.

Inhaling steam two to four times a day is also very helpful, costs nothing, and requires no expensive equipment. A mentholated or other aromatic preparation may be added to the water. Long, steamy showers, vaporizers, and facial saunas are good alternatives.
Many people take medications to reduce mild pain and fever. Adults most often choose aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen.

A nasal wash can be helpful for removing mucous from the nose. A saline solution can be purchased at a drug store or made at home.

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