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Paul asks…

aged fibroblast and nonaged fibroblast cell?

Structural difference between aged fibroblast and nonaged fibroblast cell.

vti answers:

Aged fibroblasts have greater complexity in vitro, greater number of black vesicles within cytoplasm, great number of cellular dendrites/projections.

George asks…

Age for a cell phone?

Okay so my sister might get a cell phone and she is only 10! I didnt get one till I was 12. I dont think its fair at all! What do you think is a good age to get a phone?

vti answers:

Well I got my first cell phone when I was eight but I’m a spoiled brat and my dad is a car dealer so I don’t know when normal people get one.I’ll say ten is a good age though.

Michael asks…

Average age for getting a cell phne?

I am twelve and turning 13 in June. I want a cell phone SOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!! I swear everyone at my school has one except for me. So what is the average age for getting a cell phone? And how can I convince them?

vti answers:

It changes every year. As Technology becomes more advanced, younger generations use cell phones.

I’m 20 years old, but if I were you, this is what I would do:

1. On a piece of paper, write a list of chores you can do around the house
2. Find out how much it would cost per month, to have a cell phone, and write it down.
3. Write down all of the advantages of having a cell phone would be for them (e.x. Them being able to get a hold of you wherever you are)
4. When your parents are sitting together, show them the paper.
5. Ask them if they would be willing to pay for the half of the phone bill while you work around the house to pay off the other half.

Hope that Helps!

Donna asks…

how is cell aging related to cancer?

vti answers:

Senescent cells, which have permanently lost the ability to divide, were once assumed to contribute to aging by undermining tissue repair. It was felt that the cells went into this mode to prevent cancer from developing. Recent research indicates that the cells can contribute to aging in the originally proposed way and also by spurring inflammation as well harming nearby cells in ways that promote cancer. This was study started in 1999 by Jan M. Van Deursen and his colleagues at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minn. When they wanted to see if mangled chromosomes cause cancer. Of course they used poor little mice. It is a lengthy report but very interesting.

Chris asks…

Age to get cell phone?

What age should a parent get their children a cell phone?

vti answers:

We got our daughter a cell phone for Christmas. She’s 10. It teaches them responsibility and it’s easier to get a hold of her when she’s with her friends, I also feel safer because if theirs an emergency she can contact me anytime. Theirs a lot of different plans from different providers that you can chose from. Unlimited minutes (if your worried about her blowing up the cell phone) to free calls between numbers (including land lines) so many different ways to do it. Since she’s had the cell phone, it’s easier to keep track of her where abouts coming home from school or going to school.
How old is your child?

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