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Your Questions About Natural Remedies

Mandy asks…

Can anyone tell me about their experience with any distance learning holistic health/nutrition schools?

Looking into various schools such as Global College of Natural Medicine, Hawthorn University, Clayton College, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, etc… With that said, I understand the legal implications and I am fine with the accreditations. I do NOT want to practice medicine as an ND, I just want to be a holistic health consultant and have certification as an adjunct to my graduate degree in Psychology. I absolutely know what I would be getting into with any of these schools, and it fits into my career goals. I just would like to hear the pros and cons of each– and if there are any that I do not know about, I would appreciate suggestions. Thank you!

vti answers:

I know a chiropractor who got his nutrition degree from University of Bridgeport. See link below.

James asks…

What do you have to do to become a nutritonist?

What kind of classes should I take in high school, and what kind of school (college) should I go to to become a nutritionist?

vti answers:

It depends what type of nutrition interests you but personally, I prefer holistic nutrition. It is also much less expensive and all you need to get into the program is your high school diploma. It’s obvious that the world is starting to realize how natural foods and holistic living is the way to go…that is why Naturopathic doctors, yoga, whole foods and health food stores are popping up all over the place. It works. The regular nutritionist can get better jobs right now because they are covered with medical but they still go by canada’s food guide which suggests DAIRY, WHEAT, EGGS, etc on a regular basis. A holistic nutritionist can get way more specific when it comes to certain types of diets and we know how common food sensitivities are. A regular nutritionist would probably reccomend a whole WHEAT sandwhich with cheese where as a holistic nutritionist may put a person on a WHEAT FREE diet if they are having digestive issues or sometimes dairy free…depending on all the symptoms a patient can have. SO many people are sensitive to SO many foods and it’s crazy that people think they need to be following Canada’s food guide. Do you think humans were made to drink cow JUICE? Haha…gross. Dairy is mucous forming, hard to digest and not for humans…we can get our calcium from many other sources but I could go on and on…so I’ll stop now and hopefully I persuaded you to think towards holistic nutrition or even naturopathy if your super determined! 🙂

John asks…

i want to get my masters in nursing and at the same time become certified in holistic health?

I also want to become a midwife..please help!!

vti answers:

You will have to choose a discipline of “holistic health”, such as naturopathy, homeopathy, traditional chinese medicine/acupuncture, holistic nutrition etc. Or any combination of the above. It’s a great idea. Exactly what kind of “help” do you need?

Charles asks…

Should I study to be a holistic dietitian or secondary teacher?

So I love love love studying nutrition and holistic but I can only see myself teaching (sadly secondary teachers rarely teach nutrition and there is no nutrition minor). If I go w/ nutrition it’s going to take me a super long time to get out of college and I might not even make it because of the chem requirements (which I suck at), but it directly helps people a lot and the future job market for it looks good. If I become a teacher I think I might feel like I choose something too typical, the job market looks somewhat bad for it and if I don’t end up making it as a teacher I might get stuck somewhere that I don’t help people at, on the other hand I have a deep passion for the value of education and hatred for how our system sucks and it’s something I can honestly see myself doing. No one will tell me there opinion, they just tell me to do whatever I want to do, I’m not asking for them to make up my mind for me, I just want reasons that you think which choice is better in case I haven’t thought about them. thanks

vti answers:

As a coach and holistic practitioner who teaches people to become holistic practitioners and to create success, I would suggest first and foremost that you follow your heart, meaning what you truly LOVE. This is what you are here to do and it will allow you to live joyfully instead of living a life of obligation.

Also keep in mind that we are moving into an information economy. Opportunities are opening on the internet to provide information that people are longing to receive to help them with their problems. If you have a message you want to share that will help people to solve their problems, you can become very successful. But this requires marketing skills in addition to skills in your area of expertise.

It is all possible. You just have to decide what you want to create and persevere. We have created amazing lives doing this.

Below are some resources on two of our websites.

And don’t let anyone convince you that opportunities are limited now. It’s not true. The other part is getting your mind in the right place. You are a creator, not a victim of circumstances.

William asks…

Whats a good career to start college for?

I am going to begin college but Im worried about my choice of a major because of the economy. I am very interested in holistic nutrition and natural remedies but that really a booming business now? Any suggestions? I want something that makes great money but is up that avenue..

vti answers:

Be very careful about “holistic nutrition” and “natural remedies”. The field is full of scams, self-delusion, and worthless unaccredited colleges.

One of these days, the FDA is going to find the guts to crack down on these scams and many altmed “holistic nutritionists” are going to be out of work, if not in jail.

If you are interested in reputable nutrition studies, consult the American Dietetic Association” and the “Commission on Accreditation for Dietetic Education” for accredited college programs.

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