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Ruth asks…

constipation remedies?

What are some. hone remedies for serious constipation? Already tried laxatives and didn’t work even after the said 6-12 hour timeframe. I did take the minimum amount. People ny age are supposed to take up to three tablets but I only took one. It’s been 24 hours so should I just up the dosage to 2-3? Please leave some non laxative remedies I can try, or try along with the laxatives fir max results. Anything helps, thanks!

vti answers:

•There are many vegetables high in fiber that can help to ease
constipation. These include broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and
brussels sprout.
•Psyllium husk is a common natural laxative that is used. Psyllium
husk is sold the world over and is highly beneficial because it has
high fiber content. The fiber present in psyllium husk is soluble
•One of the best laxatives is prune juice. Prunes are high in
potassium, vitamin A and iron but are also extremely high in insoluble
and soluble fiber. Prune juice has simple sugars which help to draw
fluids from the intestine. This fluid that is absorbed tends to make
the stool soft and thus, helps in bowel movement. Read more on prune
juice for constipation.
•Flax seed and flaxseed oil is one of the most commonly used natural
food laxatives. This helps to soften stools, thus, aiding in easy
passage of stools. This is one of the best natural food laxatives for
toddlers. Read more on natural laxatives for children.
•Castor oil as laxative is also commonly used. Oleic acid,
ricinoleic acid and linoleic acid are the main ingredients of Castor
oil. These oils helps to stimulate the activity of the colon wall,
thus, increasing the bowel movement and eliminating waste matter

Jenny asks…

Natural remedies for constipation relief?

I need to relieve my constipation it is very painful and has caused many anal tears 🙁 is there like any kind of foods or drinks you can take? I also have irritable bowel syndrome, my life sucks 🙁

vti answers:

I would any foods that are high in fibre.
Breakfast cereals that contain Bran, lots of fruit and veg and nuts and seeds.
You can also buy high fibre grains to mix into your food which should help.
Make sure you’re drinking enough water as well, as it helps with your digestion.
Hopefully this will aid your constipation.

Thomas asks…

What’s a good natural constipation remedy?

What do you recommend as a good natural remedy for constipation? I want to avoid any harsh laxitives as I’ve heard they can cause dependency. Thanks

vti answers:

You could use light, natural laxitives or if you want TOTAL natural you should eat a bunch of fiber!

David asks…

What are the natural remedies for excessive flatulence?

vti answers:

The best remedy for excessive flatulence is to ascertain the cause of the gas ….. My guess would be unaddressed lactose intolerance…… Other symptoms you might be suffering from if you are lactose intolerant and continue to ingest milk and dairy containing products are excessive belching, excessive gas, headaches and migraines, bloating, constipation, cramping, insomnia, achy bones, moodiness and irritability, mood swinging, mucous in your stools, ribbony and pellet shaped stools … It’s a simple test and only costs around $70.00AUD…. Eliminate milk and dairy and increase intake of fresh green and salad vegies…..all rich in calcium and magnesium… Eat them.. Juice them but get them into you…. And see if there’s any noticeable difference.


Sandra asks…

What are best natural or home made remedies to treat cons disease and constipation due to fibre deficiency?

and laziness along with lack of concentration

vti answers:

A change of diet and a little exercise can do the trick – you can get ideas here:

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