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Betty asks…

Any Home Remedies for Acidity?

vti answers:

Top 8 simple and effective home remedies that can help reduce the intensity of acidity.
Jaggery can help a lot in treating heartburn and acidity. Consume a small lump and allow it to get dissolved in your mouth to get relief from acidity. But, this remedy should not be tried by people who have diabetes.
Raita prepared with curd and added with ingredients like grated cucumber and coriander will surely aid in digestion and help eliminate acidity.
Basil leaves
Basil leaves are popular for their medicinal properties. Chewing say around 5-6 basil leaves relieves acidity to a lot of extent. One can also make a blend of crushed basil leaves and dried leaves which can be consumed with water or tea or simply be swallowed.
A yet another simple and most easy homemade remedy to treat acidity is consuming butter-milk mixed with a little say about ¼ teaspoon of black pepper powder.
It is also a good idea to drink fresh mint juice or chew raw mint leaves after meals everyday to keep acidity and indigestion away from you.
Ginger is considered as a cure-all herb as it helps in treating so many different kinds of conditions. Consume just the right amount of ginger about half an hour before each meal and feel the difference.
Milk is a drink that consists of a large amount of calcium which helps in preventing build-up of stomach acid. So, drink a glass of milk after your meal to soothe your stomach after having a spicy meal.
Vanilla ice cream
Yes, gorging a cup of your favourite vanilla ice cream not just savours your sweet tooth but also helps combat gastritis. This is an easy home remedy to fight acidity.

James asks…

Heartburn home remedies, any suggestion? I’m sick & tired of prescription?

vti answers:

Heartburn home remedies are best explained in Jeff Martin’s ebook. Check out his Heartburn No More. I found it very informative and mentioned most of the remedies mentioned above

Maria asks…

What are some home remedies for heartburn?

vti answers:

Try taking a couple of Tbs. Of honey, swallow slowly, it works for me , good for a sore throat too.

Sandra asks…

Are there any home remedies for heartburn?

vti answers:

G & T :o?

If it does work let me know.. ; )

Robert asks…

Home remedies for heartburn?

Dear people of the world, I am a person suffering from chronic daily heartburn for 5 years now. I’m diagnosed with Barrett’s Oesophagus, and am currently pre-cancerous. I’ve tried all the Western medicines, be they antacids, H+ Blockers like Nexium and Omeprazole. But they don’t seem to help at all. I’m worries for my life. And I was wondering if anyone here could provide some recipes for heartburn remedies. I’m kinda desperate at this point.
Thanks to all. I will take your advice and start practising them. I have to slim down. Haha. Thanks Izzy. Your answer is especially helpful.

vti answers:

Simple one, sip warm water with a teaspoon of baking powder stirred in.
Raising the head of the bed helps, as do low-fat, milky drinks.
Make sure you are not overweight, eat small, frequent meals – easy on the fat content.

Although the risk of cancer is small make sure you go for regular checks.

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