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David asks…

Workout supplement ==> running ?!?!?

i started doing high intensity interval training (running)
What’s a good supplement to take before running, to get some extra energy?

vti answers:

For energy and endurance, some of the best running supplements are products like NO-XPLODE or Endurance Fuel. Although they function differently, they both provide a boost to help you get more out of your runs. They can also be used as race fuel and implemented as part of your pre-race routine. I put both of these supplements on my list of best supplements for runners and recommend using both. NO-XPLODE will pump your muscles and aid in the blood flow during strenuous exercise, while Endurance Fuel or Ultra Fuel will provide a 3 staged carbohydrate energy rush for pre, during, and post workout needs.

Any you can always use Gu, gels, Cliffs, Hammers. Listen to your body and see what it tells you. Mine never worked well with some supplements and did better with Gatorade gels.

Maria asks…

Best lean protein for runner?

I do alot of runing do to soccer and im trying. To find a protein that will help me kepp muscle in my upper body more so my arms

vti answers:

You may want to consider taking a protein supplement. If you eat dairy, whey protein will be okay, if you don’t, there are plenty of soy- and other vegetable protein powders out there. Take the supplement within 30-60 minutes after a long run/soccer/workout. I take protein powder on days where I do over 30 minutes of activity. Regular short workouts don’t require anything extra, in my opinion.

In addition to a protein supplement, or just to maintain health, look to eggs, dairy, soy, beans, nuts, seeds etc. To meet your protein needs. You should be eating these.

I hope that if you’re trying to build muscles, you are doing strength training as well as cardio. The running and soccer will keep your body healthy on the inside, but won’t do much to help your body on the outside, ie tone up.

James asks…

Middle Distance Runners?

I’m a senior in high school and im predominately an 800m runner. I’ll run the 400 and the 1600 at times too but the 800 is my event. I was wondering if anyone with experience knows if taking any type of supplement would benefit me such as creatine or anything of that sort. I understand creatine makes you retain water and gain weight which would most likely slow you down, but is there a product where you get similar results in strength without gaining that much weight?

Feel free to tell me if this is the most retarded idea ever and I should just stick to running my ass off and endurance lifting.

vti answers:

Your right to not want to use creatine because like you said it just adds water to your muscles. Taking like protein supplements doesnt really do anything either because most people get enough protein from food each day. I would suggest that you keep working hard and lifting weights.
One more thing there is really no such thing as lifting for endurance because all weight lifting is anaerobic and builds muscle mass. Good luck this season.

Lizzie asks…

teenager on a diet? runner?

i knoow its not balanced, but today was like an off day..
i ran 3 miles in cross country this morning,
throughout the day, i spaced these foods out..
1 piece of light wheat bread (45 calories)
3 egg whites
fiber one cereal, 1 cup (160 calories)
4 oz dannon yogurt lite (70 calories)
1 small apple
i also had a package of steamed pasta,veggies,chicken breast. it had 360 calories per serving.i had a serving at lunch, and another for 720 calories total.
and alot of water!

im aiming for 1200 calories a day. Im 5’4”, 16, female, 107 lbs. i know im not overweight, so please dont mention or lecture on that. but i gained a few lbs when i was recovering from an injury and couldnt run, so im just trying to lose a few lbs. ive been to my dr a few days ago, and he has no prob with my weight. i just want to be leaner for cross country.
how did i do today? too many calories?

vti answers:

I completely understand your want/need to achieve your perfect race weight.

But to add to what others have said make sure you get enough iron. Maybe even take a iron supplement. Distance runners can become iron deficient very easily, even anemic. Especially female runners because of your period. You dont wanna to become iron deficient, all yours runs and races will feel like crap.

Nancy asks…

Food runner or Pizza delivery driver?

Hey guys, I’m looking for a part time job to supplement my main job so between food runner and pizza delivery driver which job would you pick and why? The food runner makes $10/hr plus shared tips and pizza delivery driver makes minimum wage + tips.

vti answers:

Food runner. You are guaranteed 10 bucks an hour plus a percentage of the tips the servers make. Minimum wage is NOT ten bucks an hour and not all customers tip 15%. Plus what if you get robbed while making a delivery or get in an accident? Food runner all the way.

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