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Donna asks…

Does anyone have any home remedies for Pink Eye?

vti answers:

Pink Eye is caused by an infection (often bacterial). If you have a bacterial infection, it’s unlikely that any home remedies can clear it up fast. Mostly all you can do at home without antibiotics is soothe it and wait for your body to fight it off naturally. My friend told me that she has fought eye infections by putting a towel with very hot water on her eyes and letting the towel cool down completely. This is basically a hot eye compress. I think she said she did that three times a day and it helped the infection to clear up faster. I’m sure that she was also taking antibiotics, though.

And by the way, don’t use makeup or contact lenses. Pink Eye is very contagious, and you can definitely reinfect yourself and spread to others with makeup, contacts, bedding, touching your eyes, etc. It’s a good idea to throw away all your makeup and start over.

Carol asks…

Are there any home remedies for pink eye? ?

vti answers:

Pink eye, also called conjunctivitis, is very contagious. There is more than one type of pink eye, and how you treat it depends on the type. If it is bacterial you need antibiotic ointment or drops. There is no particular treatment for viral pink eye. If it is an allergy that is causing your difficulty you may need anti-inflammatory medication or antihistamines. Frequent hand washing is crucial to prevent spreading the virus or bacteria, depending on which type you have. There is also something called CLARE, or contact lens induced acute red eye. Sleeping in contacts makes the eye more susceptible to inflammation/infection.

There are no home remedies that will cure pink eye, but if you lie down with a used tea bag on each eye, they will make you feel better. I know it sounds weird, but the tannin in the tea bags is soothing.

These links give basic information about pink eye.


Mark asks…

home remedies for pink eye? ?

anyone know any good ones?

vti answers:

Here’s one; Chamomile tea bags, squeeze the excess liquid out of them and let them cool down so the temperature is warm and wipe each eye using one tea bag per eye. Wipe from the inside of your eye to the outside gently, only once, because once you have wiped your eye the bag is contaminated.
It’s tedious, but it is comforting. Though if there is no relief after two days I would go to an MD.

Jenny asks…

Home Remedies for Pink Eye/Conjunctivitis that WORKS! help!?

So yesterday i started developing conjunctivitis also known as pink eye. When I woke up this morning my eyes were matted and i had to physically spread my eyelids apart 🙁

We went to the doctor today, and we got a prescription to eyedrops which i’ve been using on my left eye, but now, like an idiot, i managed to spread it to my right eye, and now i’m starting to get discharge out of my right eye and it’s a little irritated……

Does anyone know of any home remedies that actually work
that will reduce it alot overnight possibly, or just in one day atleast?

I’m in 9th grade 🙁 And I have school on Monday 🙁

please please please help 🙁

Oh and I can’t skip school, I have final exams next week.

vti answers:

You won’t need to skip school once you are on the eyedrops for a day cause you won’t be contagious anymore. And i’m your age and i’ve had pink eye about 15 times in my life and no home remedies have ever worked for me. Just make sure you take the eye drops as prescribed in BOTH eyes. I know right now it feels like the eye drops aren’t working but they are but you need to take them the full time your doctor tells you to don’t stop just because your symptoms go away. Trust me you do not want to do that

David asks…

what can i do to help my daughter with pink eye any home remedies?

vti answers:

Most cases of pink eye are viral and will get better on their own without any particular treatment. One thing that might help soothe her eyes is the tea bag treatment. The tannic acid in the used tea bags is soothing. This site explains what to do.


Read about pink eye here.


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