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Robert asks…

Is it safe to take Weight loss pills with Isoniazid?

Hi so a few months ago I took a skin test and it was positive for having the Tuberculosis germ. I do not actually have tuberculosis itself, just the germ. I am not contagious and my chest x ray shows that the germs have not spread or anything so i am save. I have to take nine months of Isoniazid pills and the B-12 vitamin pills. I am considering taking weight loss/diet pills to help with my weight loss. I am not obese or extremely over weight but I would like to lose 20 pounds. I am a healthy, 16 years old female. Is it safe for me to take weight loss pills like Zendaslim or Slimquick along with my current medication? thanks!

vti answers:

Avoid that.

Thіs sіtе wіll hеlp.

Sharon asks…

what is a good vitman to help weight loss?

i just had my gallbladder removed. i need to be healthier, ive already lost about 10lbs but i need to lose about 40 more to be healthy. i don’t want to take diet pills, i want to know what natural vitamin or pill helps weight loss, ex.acai berry..things along those lines.

vti answers:

Its called DIET and EXERCISE. Quit trying to find an easy way out. Without a gallbladder you should be on a low fat diet. Start exercising and you will lose weight.

Ken asks…

What is the best way to speed up weight loss during fasting?

I am aware that weight may be gained back after fasting ceases and that it may be very unhealthy for such quick weight loss, but I really need to know this information. Please, no criticism or instructions towards a “healthy diet”.

vti answers:

You may want to take mineral supplementation. Fasting is actually healthy and a lot of people do it regularly as a great way to detox, so the implication it wouldn’t be shows you have been misinformed and given a bunch of fluff. Assuming you have enough fat stored to burn up as energy, you should know that the only thing stopping your body from using it is the fact it lacks the right nutrients or catalysts to get that process going. Minerals have no calories so you can actually fast while supplementing yourself and you would still be technically fasting.

High water consumption during fasting is essential. It takes 20 molecules of water to burn down 1 molecule of fat, that having been said, high water consumption may deplete you of minerals since you will be peeing a lot and again this is where minerals become important again.

Taking some vitamins such as vitamin C which is a known diuretic wouldn’t be such a bad idea either. If you supplement yourself well enough chances are you will feel more energized and you will have plenty of energy to exercise and get your metabolism going so you’ll burn all the fat, assuming the purpose of the fasting is weight loss.

Hope this helped

Chris asks…

How much protein should a female consume for weight loss?

I’ve been working out consistently for about a year, but my weight loss has been really slow. I’ve only lost about 15-18lbs. I’ve also changed my diet and started eating a lot healthier. I haven’t been intaking much protein and I believe that is a reason why my weight loss has been slow. How much protein should I take to speed up my weight loss? Are there any recipes, shakes or vitamins I should be taking?
I workout at least 3-4x a week. On average I’m at the gym for 1hr. – 1.5hrs. I’ve been attending the RPM & Body Pump classes at least 2x a week. On the other days I’m doing cardio and weightlifting. I also do resistence training.

vti answers:

Protein: Beans, lean meats such as boneless skinless chicken and fish, peanut butter (about 1 tablespoon for a serving), etc…

Lean Protein should make up about 40% of your daily nutritional intake per day. 30% is for whole grains. 20% is for fruits & vegetables. 10% is for fat.

Mandy asks…

What weight loss pill would you recommend?

I am a fairly active mother of two, and I am having issues losing weight. I work out every day for about an hour, and I work as a waitress, so I’m on my feet for 6-8 hours a day. I have really hit a wall on weight loss and I would like to try something to get the weight off fast. I eat healthy and in small portions, and I drink lots of water. I am healthy, except for the weight. What weight loss pill would you recommend?

vti answers:

None. Weight Loss pills are not FDA approved, and in many cases found to be ineffective.

Eat Healthy, Eat right (missing meals starts fat build up), and drink a lot of water – like you are doing.

Working out wise. Do more. If you do the same routine everyday your body will get used to it and you will not lose weight. Try doing cardio one day, aerobics another. Don’t slow down, do meaningful physical training.

@Emily. That’s a daily muti-vitamin, not a weight loss pill. I take a multi-vitamin everyday, there’s no harm to it.

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