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Robert asks…

Is this AVON or a scam?

Is this the real avon website for recruting or not?

Also does anyone work for avon? Can you give me any advice?


vti answers:

I think it is simply an avon independent distributor trying to recruit distributors – so legit i think.

Avon has had its time now though – so think twice if your thinking about taking it up. My mum got made redundant and then wanted to do something else which was more flexible and home based – so she became a Herbalife independent distributor (a bit like being an ‘Avon Rep’).

If you’re interested, she works with a worldwide company called ‘HERBALIFE’ if you havent heard of them before, they sponsor LA Galaxy Football team – David Beckhams team in the US (so an absolutely massive and trusted company)

They do ‘nutritional’ products which are all scientifically made and are great for weight loss/ gain, nutritional maximisation and basically put all the nutrition which your body really needs and dramatically improves your health. The way they work is through independent distributors – which you could become.

The job is 100% flexible, really quite easy as they will offer you all the training you need in addition to the massive support network – they say ‘what you put into it, you get out’, a few people around my area are on as much as £1000/week!

– to know more about this check out and if you’re interested in chatting to someone about becoming to distributor and how to make the most out of the business, email a herbalife distributor which i know could help you – (say James forwarded you to her).


Mandy asks…

Is Crazy Fox Really Herbalife?

This website says the crazy fox home business is really Herbalife. Does anyone know if that is true? I want to be crazy like a fox but I don’t want to sell Herbalife to do it.

vti answers:

I think that Momof4 missed your point by a mile. She says your links don’t say one way or another. The blog specifically states that it is related to herbalife. The blog is correct as well. Crazy Fox is an affiliate program to get people into the business opportunity.
You do not necessarily have to sell Herbalife products if you choose to push the Crazy Fox opportunity.
There are many claims about what happens after joining Crazy Fox. I would not look at these claims as people with a motive to discredit the company. I look at them as personal experiences that can be followed up by due diligence and research.

Here are facts that can be backed up.

Crazyfox website and TV ads do not give any information on what the whole program is about.

Crazy Fox is associated with Herbalife.

Once you pay the $9.99 fee to Crazyfox – they send you the starter package, which isn’t actually a package of any kind. It’s a booklet telling you how great it would be to become financially free, to never have a boss again and so on…

Then the real fun begins. You start getting calls from Herbalife representatives who are trying to sell all these amazing deals at $200, $500, $1000 and more. They tell you that you have made an amazing choice and you are on your way to wealth…

Since crazyfox sells your personal information to third parties, you will also start getting calls from insurance brokers, credit card companies, telephone companies and many others. They will all tell you: “We have been notified that you are starting a home business, you might be interested in our new Business Telephone Line, Business Credit Card… Etc – and it never ends, needless to say that you will not make single dime with these guys.

The only one who can decide if this is for you, is you. Just ask yourself if this is the way you want to build business. Statistically, this type of marketing leaves people “holding the bag” and I do not mean “the money bag.”

To back up the facts you have to commit to research.
If you co to the Crazy Fox site and read into the privacy policy at the bottom
You will find that e-team marketing and BMI are the promoters. To find the connection between the e-team and herbalife you have to get into the join process then click on the user agreement link to find

James asks…

Herbalife cons?

ok so I have this family relative who swears by this product and claims that she is making a lot of money in a week she says that she now has enough clients to continue her business at home..every time i see her she tries to convince me to get into the business and does it by saying that at meetings she sees young girls like myself who make thousands and so on..the thing that stops me from actually getting into this business is for one I’m not into selling stuff two. This product sounds a lil too good to be true three. If this product is so good for you and you can lose weight then why is she still fat? Also i have heard many stories from different people that have taken this product and most complain about gaining all the weight back and extra …but then again it must be a good product since david beckam is promoting it..haha I’m a sucker for handsome men can u tell?? j/k

vti answers:

OK first off: NEVER trust the integrity of the product based on who’s promoting it. David Beckham probably has NO idea whether or not the product is safe or effective. He’s just paid money to say what they want him to say. Athletes, artists, celebrities, NONE of these people care about the product, they just want the money. I wouldnt trust “doctors” in paid advertisements on TV, either…even real doctors can be taken in by money, and its not hard to pin a nametag on a white jacket and just call yourself a doc, and be paid to read stuff off a cue card.

I’ve heard that Herbalife in general is a scam and not very effective, both as a product, and as a small business venture.

If you’re not a good salesperson, or don’t like doing it, then don’t. I tried sales, and I hated it so much because I hated laying pressure on people and trying to expose their weaknesses to make a sale. I wasnt ruthless enough, and I didnt want to be.

Your question about “why is she still fat” is a very valid one. Never stop asking questions. Obviously, if Herbalife even does work, it only works if you’re motivated enough to do the “rest” of the stuff, ie diet and exercise!!

PS you’re not the only one who’s a sucker for handsome men…when Beckham modeled those Emporio Armani underwear, where he has that bulge in his pants, their sales shot up by several thousand per cent.

Sharon asks…

Can anyone give me info on Herbalife?

I recently had a baby and the weight seems to be in no hurry to go anywhere. I would like to try their products, but theier website is not very helpful for Canadians. I am hoping someone can tell me what I should buy because I would like to order the products off of Ebay as they seem to be at quite a lower cost according to what the sellers say the regular retail is. I would also like to hear about any peronel experience anyone has with these products. I understand that diet and fitness play an important role in any weight loss program, but I want a little help, thank you.

vti answers:

Herbalife is a multi-level pyramid scam. Save your money for something that works or else you’ll just be making someone “up the line” richer.

Mark asks…

Partner with paul a scam ?

So i saw this email and am very aprehensive about giving any of my information, after doing some reaseach i seee that this is about herbalife?! Has anyone here tried this program? I dont think it works but i would like to hear other wise

vti answers:

It is just a front for a Herbalife Distributorship.

While Herbalife is technically legit, most people (99+%) end up losing money.

Someone I know, lost about $20,000 with Herbalife a few years ago.

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