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Thomas asks…

anyone know of home remedy for a UTI?

besides the water and cranberry flush? i don’t think will cure it will it?

vti answers:

UTI’s are generally bacterial infection – eating raw, fresh garlic is a natural antibacterial.

Other than that, you really do need to increase your water intake, and 100% cranberry juice is good for it (avoid juice cocktails or anything with added sugar). Avoid caffeine, high sugar juices (orange juice/apple juice), and make sure you are going to the bathroom regularly to keep your system moving.

Water and cranberry juice just flush your system so the bacteria is pushed out quicker. If it is a really bad UTI, then you need to go to the doctor and get antibiotics to help your system clear it or you could end up with some serious issues including kidney and/or bladder infections.

William asks…

Home remedies for a uti?

vti answers:

If its definitely a uti, your best bet (without going to a doctor) would be to drink a lot of water and – as uncomfortable as it is- just try to pee it out.

If its re-occurring, it may be an irritation, rather than an infection/bug. Irritation can be caused by sex, hygiene issues, or (in my case) a hormone imbalance.

Regardless, if you can’t get your hands on a medicine like Alprim (good for utis), try cranberry. You can get cranberry juice from the supermarket, but it’s usually very sugary or low in legit cranberry nutrients (aka useless). I’d recommend cranberry supplements(tablets) which can be bought at the supermarket too, they’re way better. Altnatively, try ural, it’s a powder that absorbs in liquid. Tastes like absolute shit and is hard to drink with water so try looking for the one that is cranberry flavoured and mix it with a good cranberry juice, it’s much nicer to drink.

Don’t wait for it to go away and treat it as fast as you can because it will only get worse and trust me I know how uncomfortable it can get.

Enjoy your time on the toilet trying to pee without luck, only to conjure the tiniest drip every five minutes which hurts like hell. It’s a vicious cycle, good luck 🙂

I really do recommend you get to a doctor if you can, you don’t want this kind of thing coming back.

Avoid anything acidic; orange juice, broccoli, onion etc.

Nancy asks…

Home remedies for a UTI?

It started about 6 days ago and it wasn’t horrible but it was annoying, then about 4 days ago it got pretty bad I drank 1.5 gallons of cranberry juice in 2 days and it helped a little but early this morning it started bothering me again. I can’t really afford to go to the doctor right now =/ Is there anything I can do to help keep it from coming back?

vti answers:

No, not much you can do at home. The problem is if you let it go it can migrate up to your kidneys and cause a kidney infection which is very serious and will make your very sick (I know, I let a UTI go and that is what happened). You should be able to find a doctor who will see you and let you pay in increments to pay your bill off.

Chris asks…

Uti remedies at home?

I think I have a UTI but can’t afford to go to the dr really. Does azo cure the UTI? Or do you know anything else that will?

vti answers:

AZO WILL NOT cure the infection, it only takes the pain away! Also, 100% UNsweetened, UNdiluted cranberry juice works, but ONLY for VERY MILD infections. If there is ANY blood in your urine, ANY fever, ANY nausea or ANY back/side pain, you MUST be seen by doctor and get a course of antibiotics. An untreated UTI will spread to your kidneys IN NO TIME.

Charles asks…

UTI home remedies????????????????

does anyone know some home remedies on how to cure a urinary tract infection (UTI). iv already taken 2 diffrent anti-biotics but its not helping anymore and i hear home remedies work best. if u know any can u tell me

vti answers:

You can do all of these things
Mix 1/2 teaspoon of cream of tarter (spice) with a cup of water and drink it. Drink lots of water. Drink cranberry juice. Take garlic. Take D-Mannose (a powder stuff that you get from the health food store. This is my favorite)
Take something for your constipation. (My mother said nearly every patient she has treated for UTI is contipated!)
Drink LOTS of water and juice. (no juice with sugar or carbination.)
Another thing. If your antibiotic is Septra, cranberry juice will counteract it. Don’t do them at the same time.

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