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David asks…

Supplements for gaining muscle?

I work out with an iron gym and run. What are some good supplements to get bigger faster?

vti answers:

Supplements don’t decide your gains. It’s your diet, workout, and rest. Supplements are used to supplement your diet, not to rely on supplements itself.

For example, many people into weight training may be consuming protein shakes, but you can easily have enough protein just from natural foods with the right choice of foods.

Michael asks…

taking workout supplements before a tournament?

have any of you taken workout supplements before a tournament to increase your energy? is it a good idea? preferably im talking about fighting (wrestling)

vti answers:

Some supplements are very good. But, remember that supplements were designed for people who could not obtain the proper nutrients by eating whole foods. The most common reason is food allergies.

The downside can be that you really do not know what is in some of these supplements. A few years back I was taking Metabolol, which supposed to be a protein powder heavy in branch chain amino acids. The results were excellent, more power, more energy, etc. The downside was testing positive for steroids which could have cost my job, sponsors, everything. Thankfully, my employer had the powder tested which was the cause of it being pulled from the market.

Lesson- Be very careful about which supplements you take. If you are able to eat whole foods then you do not need extra vitamins or supplements.

Lisa asks…

Should i use Bodybuilding Supplement ?

I just watched a video on Bodybuilding Supplement (link below). Does anyone use the supplements from this video?Should i use it to gain muscle?

vti answers:

You can supplement your diet with bodybuilding supplements, as it can help you gain more muscle over the long run. I have never heard of that company, so I don’t think I would order from them, but there are a lot of great supplements out there.

I would do more research before you get into supplements and try checking out the forum at You can learn a lot.

I have been taking supplements for about 5 years now, but my main focus in on protein from food. But if you do decide to buy some supplements, I have been buying from…I get my supplements next day and they usually give me a boat load of free samples.

Hope this helps!

Carol asks…

Difference between steroids and supplements?

Why do so many people seem to have a hard time distinguishing between the 2? I am willing to bet that 80+ percent of NFL players take some type of supplement. Is it not possible for the supplement companies, since they are not regulated, to put a type of steroid into the supplement? It drives me nuts that people now label Merriman as a steroid user. When people like Urlacher and Lewis are probably doing the exact same thing…..Speak out.

vti answers:

Well since the supplement is not regulated from the FDA, the list of ingredients can change at any given time. So, the player may buy a big jug of powder that is legal the first time the supplement is bought, but the next time the ingredients may have changed. However, it is still the players responsibility to understand this and either themselves or someone else keep track of what is in the supplement.

Secondly, when taking multiple supplements, many can lead to a steroid. Meaning when combining, different supplements, which in an of themselves are not steroids, change the chemical make up and the body makes them steroids.

You are right, I am sure Urlacher and Lewis are taking supplements. However, they have not been tested positive for steroids. Now, could the companies put steroids into the supplements these other players are taking, yes. But the other players were smart enough to not continue to take the supplements. Now Merriman may not have knowingly took the steroid. He still took it, and it was his fault. All supplements are still required to have an ingredient list. He should look at that before buying the products, or rather his trainer and the Chargers trainer. So the blame should fall mostly on him.

Nancy asks…

women muscle building supplements, scams?

There are numerous women muscle building supplements over the counter and sold online .How can we identify the scams?

vti answers:

Women’s Muscle Building Supplements? If you are training hard to gain muscle, you should be supplementing with top-of-the-line muscle gaining supplements to excel your strength and muscle gains. The bodybuilding supplements utilized by the male species are different from those supplements for women. Bodybuilding protein supplements are commonly in power form. Read the nutrition labels of these supplements carefully, because they can be loaded with sugar and fat.

If they are FDA approved,then you it is safe to drink.Better consult your doctor before buying anything.


Women’s Muscle Building Supplements If you are training hard to gain muscle, you should be supplementing with top-of-the-line muscle gaining supplements to excel your strength and muscle gains.

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