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James asks…

Canidae changed their food… for better or for worse?

I went and bought a new bag of all life stages food for my Great Dane and put some food in his bowl and bam it was different!! He seems to love it… but he loves anything that he can eat… but I am wondering if the quality of the food has gone down? Why the sudden change?

I am think that since Canidae switched foods on me and it might not be for the better then I should just switch to Eagle Pack.

vti answers:

They basically put lower quality ingredients. Made the bags smaller and is still charging the same amount for less food. The 40 lb ALS now only comes in a 35lb and they are charging the same price as you were paying for the 5 less pounds.

If you plan on switching to the Eagle pack. Go with the Holistic select. The regualr Eagle Pack has corn as the first ingredient verses the Holistic Select doesn’t contain any corn or wheat.

Paul asks…

do you know what ingredients are good & bad in cat food? are these?

this is whats in advance that i got from the vet….

chicken tuna egg, gelling agents; tricalcium;taurine; vitamin E, vitamic C, marigold meal; thiamin vitamin B1, maganese sulphate; pyridoxine vit B6, tomato powder; lucerne meal; calcium pantothenate; folic acid
yes im in australia.. and the vet told me today to stay away from turkey!!

vti answers:

I wouldn’t want tuna to be a part of daily feeding. The meat should ideally be chicken and/or turkey. What country are you in… Australia? I don’t know what foods are available in your area. You may not have a lot to choose from.
You may want to look for these canned foods:

Eagle Pack Holistic Select Chicken & Lamb Formula
Eagle Pack Holistic Select Turkey & Barley Formula

Those aren’t foods that I would buy in the U.S., but again, you probably have very few options.

Daniel asks…

Whats the Best Food to feed a Golden Retriever Puppy 8 weeks old?



: )

vti answers:

Innova Large Breed Puppy, Solid Gold Wolf King, Orijens Large Breed Puppy or Eagle Pack Holistic Select Large Breed Puppy. These are all natural, holistic dog foods, with high meat content, lower carbs and no wheat, corn or soy products (big problems for allergies). And keep him lean, extra weight on his joints growing up will seriously damage him long term.

Mandy asks…

Does PetSmart carry any dog food without wheat (for small dogs)?

Hi. =) I have two small dogs, a maltese and chihuahua, who currently eat Solid Gold dog food. PetSmart is closer and I can get a discount, so I was wondering if they carry any similar food. (They don’t carry Solid Gold D=) The food should be for smaller dogs, and it has to be wheat-free. It would also be good if it was cheaper or the same price as Solid Gold…okay, thanks! 0.o

vti answers:

Here are the better foods that are sold at Petco and Petsmart. You’ll have to check your individual store to see which ones they carry, not all stores carry the same foods:
* Blue Buffalo
* Castor & Pollux
* Eagle Pack Holistic Selects
* Natural Balance
* Solid Gold
* Wellness

If you expand your search to also include smaller petstores, dog boutiques, holistic pet-food stores, and farm supply stores, you’ll have more options to choose from.
* Artemis Fresh Mix
* Blue Buffalo
* California Natural
* Canidae
* Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul
* Eagle Pack Holistic Selects
* Fromm Four Star
* Innova
* Merrick
* Nature’s Variety
* Orijen
* Solid Gold
* Taste of the Wild
* Timberwolf Organics
* Wellness
* ZiwiPeak

Richard asks…

my dog has a very serious yeast infection any help will be greatly appreciated?

ok i have a 11 year old chow chow which has developed a serious skin infection the vet said it was a yeast infection and gave me antibiotics and some other meds but nothing seem to work. I really don’t want to put my dog down because i have had it now 11 years and it would just sting me to much to let her go any help will be greatly appreciated thank.
i want to thank everybody for all the help but my dog didn’t make it i tried everything but she was just to weak to take anymore meds anyways i greatly appreciate all the help.


vti answers:

Check the ingredients of the food you’re feeding your dog and if there is yeast in it discontinue feeding it to him and get a holistic food. Like Azmira, Eagle pack, Holistic Select, Canidae, or Innova.

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