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Your Questions About Natural Remedies

Steven asks…

What is the best home remedy for this case?

Hello! I am quite sick( a slight fever + runny nose + sore throat with mild coughing). My whole family is out and I am alone in the house. Does any one know a good home remedy to my situation?


vti answers:

For goodness sake it’s likely to be a cold. Just take a couple of paracetamol, if you don’t feel better go and see a doctor tomorrow. If you REALLY feel “quite sick” where ‘quite’ = ‘very’ then go and see your doctor

Thomas asks…

What’s a good home remedy for getting rid of phlegm in your chest?

I’ve been coughing all week, and it has been very painful. I’m tired of taking cough syrup. Any good home remedies?

vti answers:

How long have you been sick and coughing? If it has been more than a week it might be time to go to the doctor. That is an indication that it might not be going away by itself. If you are coughing so violently and feel like there is fluid involved you might have bronchitis or pneumonia and will need antibiotics. You will start feeling better pretty quickly once you start on anti biotics. I know that is miserable. I coughed the entire month of April and finally found out I have exercise induced asthma. I am sorry you feel so bad. I hope you start feeling better soon!

A few sips of brandy help too

Joseph asks…

good effective home remedies for coughs?

what started as a small cough has now become a loud, hacking cough that hurts my chest, and throat, and keeps me up, what are some good home remedies that work.

vti answers:

Gargaling some salt water, drinking hot tea or for me coffee works. Go to walgreens and get some cough drops.

Ken asks…

What home remedies are good to get rid of a cold, quick?

So, I getting sick. And honestly, I just don’t have time for it. I’ve been sneezing & coughing, got itchy watery eyes, I’m achy, dead tired, and a fever. I’ve taken some over the counter meds, but they don’t seem to be touching it. What are some quick easy at home remedies to try? And I mean, something I can do without forcing myself to drive (that wouldn’t be good for anyone!). Thanks for the help.

vti answers:

You can’t get rid of a cold fast.
You can only rest and treat the symptoms.

Drink to keep hydrated and rest are important.

Donald asks…

Any home remedies for getting rid of cough and mucus?!?

I’m having heart surgery next week and I need to get better! Went to the doctor and I’m only allowed to use home remedies. Anything would help! I have a cough and mucus.

vti answers:

Does it happen everyday or it’s just happened?

If it happens all the time so here’s a solution
Mucus? Do you have dust in your house? Take a vacuum cleaner and suck your bed with it.
Maybe you have dust and dust mites live inside.. It’s a little thing that causes you to have a runny nose, I woke up every morning and I had mucus and etc.. I didn’t know that until i checked some articles.. It was because of dust mites which live in dust house.

Clean the dust in your house and wash the floor at least once in 2 weeks.
Where dust house comes from? From the space and also from your skin which died and falling.

If it happened only now and you don’t have mucus and etc usually so eat garlic maybe, and drink soups.

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