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Laura asks…

What age are we in…?

Like.. stone age, atomic age, iron age, industrial age, etc…
What era, if you don’t understand

vti answers:

I would say the information age. People say space age, but honestly, information has a much much much greater effect on our lives than space does. You might say, well satellites are important so it is the space age. But satellites are only important because they allow us to spread information. Certainly, the ability to spread information globally (internet, televisions, books, movies, phone calls, people, …) is the most defining difference between our age and all the past ages. When you go to bed tonight, I want you to think which was more important to you today… Neil Armstrong landing on the moon or William Shockley inventing the transistor. If you typed on the computer or made a cell phone call or watched television or drove a car built in the last 20 years or bought anything at a store, today, then I think you will agree, the transistor was more important. If you just got back from the moon, then maybe you will disagree. But I would say we will not enter the space age until space become the defining characteristic of our society, and I don’t think we are there yet.

Mary asks…

The Dark Ages or Middle Ages?

Is the Dark Ages a time period in the Middle Ages or is it just another name for Middle Ages?

vti answers:

The term Dark age was originally used by the Italian scholar Petarch (sp) who lived in the 14th century.It was used to describe the period between the fall of the western Roman empire to the Renaissance period(loosly starting about 1100)
His view were there were three ages .1st was the classical period in which he meant the time both of Greek and Roman culture and knowledge followed by the dark age (hence the middle age) where there was little culture or science and finally the Renaissance .Although I do not speak Latin I do speak French and based on my knowledge of French I think probably means rebirth.
He meant the term in a derogatory way

Later Historians and Scholars used the term to refer to the fact that there was little recorded history of that period so little was known of that time..But as time and science have moved on we know far more about the peoples of that time now.
It is really only used by movie makers now when making films that blur myth and fact of the time because it has a better ring to it than middle age .

P.S When I say the Renaissance period started around 1100 I am refering to when Petrach considered the period to begin.It is considered by historians today to have began in the late 13th Century ,But Petarch is hardly going to say he is living a cuturally backward period .

Thomas asks…

A website for age progression?

Is there a website to show age progression?

vti answers:

Try these links.

Age-Me Face Aging and Progression Software
How will you look in the future? How will you look in 10, 20, 30 or 40 years? Upload your photo and see how you will look as you age and get older.

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Http:// – Cached – Aprilage Inc.
Uses the unique APRIL® age progression software. The program creates several aged … We also keep the results on the web site so you can come back and view them …

Maria asks…

what are some ages of history?

Like the Stone Age, the Iron Age, Steam Age, etc – Is there any accepted general chronology of ages of mankind?

vti answers:

Yes. The three age system has been firmly established: Stone, Bronze and Iron Age.
Some ages are are not specifically called that and some others have been renamed/discredited. One fine example of a discredited “age” is the Dark Ages. This age succeeded the Iron Age. Seems like a nice flow right? Well, you would be wrong. There was not much darkness during the “Dark Ages”. As a matter of fact, there is no longer such a thing as the “Dark Ages”, at least not amongst medieval historians. The term “Dark Ages” was coined during the Victorian Era (well get to this one in a minute) and it was called so because scholars did not have that much sources to really understand that period of time, so they called it dark because, one they did not know too much about it and 2 because it seemed like a backward society compared to the Victorian one (who believed they were the pinnacle of society.

Now we do have periods of time called eras. Eras are much more precise than the word age because it is not very clear when there is a transition between these ages, we can say what caused the change but we cannot really pin point the exact date of transition. Era’s on the other hand can be more clearly defined. Examples are Victorian and Edwardian eras, both begin by the coronation of a monarch and end with their deaths. We cannot be more precise than that. Both are accepted terminologies.
There is also our age, the Digital Age.

John asks…

What are the anti aging ingredients?

I want to know the anti aging ingredients. I am over 35 years of age and I have used quite a number of anti aging cosmetics. Just out of curiosity, I was wondering what anti aging ingredients I should look for in most of these products. I mean the anti aging ingredients that make these products work effectively.

vti answers:

Most anti aging products contain similar anti aging ingredients but a few contain one or two anti aging ingredient the other might not have. Certain products contain a particular anti aging ingredient that makes their products more effective.
It is always good to look out for a particular anti aging ingredient in a product before purchase especially for anti aging ingredients that are more effective. Most people make the mistake of purchasing an anti aging product without knowing what anti aging ingredient it contains. Sometimes a product might contain an anti aging ingredient that your body might react to.
Resveratrol is an active anti aging ingredient I know of. It is gotten from red grapes and it is very active in combating wrinkles and signs of aging. Certain products contain resveratrol like dermology 3-part anti aging formular. Resveratrol makes the product efficient when it comes to combating aging and wrinkled skin and other damaged skin conditions. Dermology comprises of an anti aging cream, anti aging serum and anti aging eye cream and resveratrol is an active anti aging ingredient in all three. You will learn more about this product and more here:

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