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Ruth asks…

What is a really good and healthy dog food?

I have two semi large dogs. I have been feeding them Beneful dog food for as long as I have had them. I have had my oldest dog for nearly 2 years and the other over a year. However, they dont seem to be getting the nutrients that they need from this dog food. Are there any others that I could try giving them? Please help as I dont know what other kind to buy. I have tried a few other brands of dog food but they dont eat it. I appreciate your help.

vti answers:

Eagle Pack, Holistic Select
Innova, Evo

The foods listed are all holistic human grade foods loaded with vitamins. All made with “real meat”, no By-products, No corn, & No Wheat.

Robert asks…

What To Feed A Wheaten Puppy?

See, we might be getting a Wheaten Terrier puppy, and from what I’ve been reading, their tummies are a little sensitive. So my question is, what should I specifically feed a wheaten terrier puppy? What dog food brands should I avoid and which should I let him eat?

vti answers:

The foods that are good are….

Wellness, Core
Eagle pack holistic select
Innova, Evo

Since you say that those breeds suffer from upset stomachs. You should feed foods that are of Duck and oatmeal. The foods that have these flavors are Wellness, Eagle pack holistic select, and Merrick.

The foods to stay clear of is…
Science Diet
and basically any dog foods sold at grocery stores

Joseph asks…

Do you feed quality Cat food?

Do you feed your cat a quality Cat food?
What kind do you prefer and why?

vti answers:

Yes! RuPaul gets great food!
Eagle dry (Eagle Pack Holistic Select Anchovy, Sardine and Salmon Meal… To be precise) and Tiki cat canned (diff. Varieties)!
Sorry. I was in a rush and didn’t see the Why part of the question. I feed these foods because I believe them to be two of the best.
I really love the Eagle Holistic line and the Tiki cat is such a great canned food that I could eat it if I were ever stranded somewhere!

Laura asks…

What’s the best dog food?

What dog food do you guys recommend for a little puppy chihuahua? Should I change what they eat as she gets older? What type of treats should I give her? How often should I feed her and how many treats should I give her?

vti answers:

Eagle Pack Holistic Select
Solid Gold

As far as treats i give my dogs Old Mother Hubbard cookies.

Nancy asks…

what is the best diet for a growing great dane…….?

what is the best diet for a growing great dane…….??? ROYAL CANIN or EAGLE PACK

vti answers:

Eagle Pack Holistic Select large and giant breed puppy or Welnness Large breed puppy until he/she is about 13-15 months…

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