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James asks…

Dragon Age: Origins question?

Is the god child that Morrigan is suppose to have from the Grey Warden is that canon like part of the original story or a change to can make to the original story

vti answers:

Nope. On the cannon versions for booth games:

Origins: The warden is a warrior born from noble origin. He sacrifices himself to kill The Archdemon.

Hawke: He’s a blood mage who escaped from Lothering. He sides with the Mages and becomes the Champion of Kirkwall by chopping The Arishok into pieces. His sister is alive, unlikely his brother.

Joseph asks…

Help me find an app!?

Im looking for an app which you can edit photos to make them ginger or fat
like apps on the ipod touch/ iphone
ARE there any for android?

vti answers:

Yeah there is fat booth, aging booth, bald booth, camo booth …

Steven asks…

Hottest brunette actor aged 20-25?

need a handsome MALE actor preferably aged somewhere from 20 to 25 years old. Needs to a brunette (longish hair) and would be good to play an action role. good smile too.

vti answers:

Douglas Booth
Daren Kagasoff
Ed Westwick
Taylor Lautner*UvYlVjX*DSXgtarKKthI10SU8251-DMQsEOiC7QIPjhDa7dPGa8YYih7jRuTswyATkGGXYgklPQIN7Y0xuV1V3Mvb/spl107291_001.jpg
Connor Paolo
Jean-Luc Bilodeau×375/75ef4e502d16a056cfbf34b644da1143.jpg
Beau Mirchoff

Nancy asks…

Multiple shots in Photo Booth?

can you get them? like just one picture after the other?
in Photobooth. or something?

vti answers:

It all depends on the type and age of the photo booth. The very old style will generally let you take one photo after another printing a single copy of each of them. The new style will let you take your photo multiple times but you will have to choose the best one either by a display or by simply decide if your currently displayed photo is the best you can take or if by taking another you can do better. This will generally print a set of 4 or 5 photographs all official passport size.

Hope this helps

Kitty -x-

Carol asks…

Poll: Your 5 favorite Iphone apps that are free?

vti answers:

1. Aging Booth
2. Skater Boy
3. YooNinja Free
4. Sketch Free
5. Speed Moto

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