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Daniel asks…

what is the best herbal tea?

do you like herbal tea?what do you think the best herbal tea is?i tried sleepy time by celeste tea,it taste nice with a little bit oh honey,but did nothing to help me fall asleep.

vti answers:

For sleeping and relaxing try chamomile…

…I really like peppermint and sage tea…

….I love green tea…

…none of the above teas should be sweetened…you should drink them warm and natural…

..also when you pour the watter into the tea pot …leave it covered at least for 5 minutes before drinking….

Steven asks…

How much herbs do i need for herbal tea?

Hi its my first time taking herbal tea and i was wondering how much do i put in? 1-3 teaspoons?
The ingrediants are
Passion flower
Calea z

vti answers:

This is loose tea? Are they already mixed together in one package? A teaspoon is fine to start out with…let it steep for at least 5-10 min…can always add more or use less

Linda asks…

Which herbal teas would you recommend for me?

I would like to start drinking herbal teas mainly for the health benefits, specifically green tea and teas that would help aid in weight loss and a healthy bed time regiment. Which herbal teas should I begin with? Which teas should I avoid? Are teabags just as beneficial as the herb itself? Which brands do you recommend and last but not least where can I buy the best herbal tea.

vti answers:

Green teas are very good for helping you lose weight as it has pretty much 0 calories and no caffeine. If you don’t like the taste of plain green tea then you can get flavored ones that are just as good. I personally like green tea with Mango.
Herbal teas can have other health benefits too. I believe ones with ginger in are supposed to be good for your immune system.
Camomile tea is supposed to be very good for helping you sleep, but it’s not to every ones taste.
Avoid “iced teas” or “instant teas” as they generally have a lot of sugar in them.

Teabags tend to be ok, as long as they actually have the herbs in and aren’t just full of junk. Check the ingredients, good quality ones are generally ok though.
The thing about green tea teabags is that there tends to be too much in them, and so sometimes leaves are easier. You literally only need a pinch of leaves in a standard cup. If you have too much in then it can taste very nasty.

I’m not sure if they have it where you’re from but Whittard of Chelsea are a good company that sell a wide variety of teas.and they have several flavours of green and herbal teas.

Mary asks…

How many cups of herbal tea can i drink a day?

I’ve started being addicted to herbal teas and especially camomile! I don’t drink coffee or any caffeinated tea, just herbal. How many should i drink like what is the limit and also is it good for you, hair etc…? thanks

vti answers:

Herbal tea has no caffine it is just water with a bit of flavour from leaves. You can drink as much as you want, in fact drinking plenty of water is very good for you. If you have sugar in it, i would recommend replacing this with honey as its not so bad for you.

Chris asks…

Is it possible to make perfume with herbal tea?

Hey everyone,

I just bought a herbal tea and it smell EXTREMELY GOOD that’s insane (lychee/rose), do you know if it is possible to wear it as perfume?

vti answers:

Well not exactly but you can probably make perfume out of the same ingredients as the herbal tea. Hope it helped and im pretty sure it did. 😀

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