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Maria asks…

Cobra Starship’s Food List Bulletin on MySpace?

what does it say in that post? i can’t find it anywhere, someone please help! please, it would mean so much to me if someone could just copy and paste the bulletin onto here!

vti answers:

Here it is:

So check it out: we just got these free phones from AT&T for doing warped tour. They’re unlimited minutes until the end of the summer.
And I’m all “derrr! I already gots a phone—what do I need another one for??”
So then I say to myself, “gabe, why don’t you just give the number out to kids, so that they can call you.
” And I’m all “sure—why the #### not?”

But then I thought about it, and it’s like, I can’t give my number out to EVERYONE—so what should I do to decide whom to give it to? And as I was pondering said dilemma, I got a gnarly craving for some string cheese, but I was totally bummed when I realized we were all out.
And then it hit me!!! Why not give my number out to kids who bring me some snacks??! After all, people always ask me what kind of presents/food I like, so why not make it fun!

So this is the plan: anyone who brings any of the items below to us on warped tour will get my number.
I know it’s not the biggest deal in the world, but I think it’s a pretty cool prize for a Snickers bar, no? That way you can call me, and I can thank you for being awesome!

Our merch boy, Danny Hutto, will have my number. So all you gotta do is bring him a snack for me and he’ll give you my number in exchange. It’s hard to get around on Warped Tour, so we never really get a chance to buy groceries, and the tour doesn’t supply us with any groceries—they just give us some waters.

So here is a list of stuff I like; bring any of the following and you’ll get my digits.

Oh! And we still really want balloons! So bring us latex balloons filled with helium! We want to hang em over our merch tent!

Ok, here goes: (ps: some of this stuff is perishable, so if you think it’s gonna be too hot that day and the food might get ruined, then don’t stress about it, just grab some peanuts! 😉

Tonic Water
Arizona Diet Green Tea
Orange Juice
Pomegranate Juice
Starbucks coffees (espresso double shots or cappuccinos)
Emergen-C vitamin powder packets
Soy Milk
Regular Milk
Odwalla or Naked Juices
Pain Killers
Bread (any kind: we like white, multi-grain.
Pita, nan, whatevs!)
Pita Chips
Terra Chips
Humus (Sabra is best)
Honey Roasted peanuts
Wasabi Almonds or Wasabi Peas
String Cheese!!!!!!!
****Primal Strips (teriyaki flavor – these are vegetarian beef jerky strips that you can buy at health food stores – the bomb!!)
Kit Kats
***Lindt Chocolate Bars with Wafers (my favorite – hard to find though)
Fruits – apples, bananas, pears, oranges etc…
Packs of Sliced Cheese (Provolone or Munster!)
Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella (in water)
Tofurkey slices (fake meat…peppered, ham or turkey)*
Progresso Minestrone Soup (in microwavable container)*
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Yogurt – Activia or the drinkable yogurts!
Fun stuff (they may not let you bring this in – you might have to sneak it cobrastyle):
Kettle One Vodka (or Smirnoff)
Don Julio Tequila
Muscle relaxers

thanks guys!
Talk to you soon!

Susan asks…

Do people who cannot afford health care really get the medical attention the deserve?

Really, I know Medicare and Medicaid probably help, but are they enough?

vti answers:

Your question reflects the “entitlement mentality” that has developed in this country over the past few decades. Health care is a basic need just like shelter, food, transportation. We all make choices in our lives about what we want to fund with our resources. Those who choose not to spend on health care can hardly expect society to provide it. However, since recent laws prevent hospitals from turning away cases, that means that those who do have health care must pay higher costs to cover those who don’t. That makes it even more unaffordable for employers and people. Health care resources are not unlimited. The choices are how we ration it. Shall we allocate it to people who are willing to pay or let some bureaucrat make the decision?

Steven asks…

Why force employers to provide health insurance, what makes that their responsibility?

Isn’t that kind of arbitrary? Why aren’t employers forced to provide shelter or food since those are so important too? After all big bad businesses have unlimited amounts of money to play around with right?

vti answers:

It started during WWII, when wage and price controls were in effect. Instead of raising wages, employers were allowed to provide health insurance, tax free.

That suited the statists’ purposes, just as “temporary” withholding of taxes from wages as an emergency wartime measure, did. It got people used to not taking responsibility for themselves and letting someone else do it.

Employer-paid health insurance premiums are income, and should be taxed as such. Give people a tax credit for insurance and let them buy it on the open market that will develop. That has been the Republican plan since 2008. I think it’s a good one.

Ruth asks…

whats the best food to give to rabbits veg and fruit?

i’m new to having a bunni, getting used to him, just not really sure what to give him…i have been giving him the usual like his rabbit food and hay….
Serious answers please
Thanks in advance

vti answers:

Rabbits are designed to eat grass, plus a bit of bark and other tough materials. You should give your rabbit unlimited amount of hay and water as this forms the basis of a healthy diet.

Nibbling hay for hours every day reduces boredom and behavioural problems with most rabbits. Chewing strands of hay exercises the teeth – the grinding movement is essential for dental health and helps maintain healthy gut movement. This is why we feel hay is vital for any rabbit, even if you choose a good rabbit food which is labelled as nutritionally complete.

Commercially available foods make feeding rabbits easier, these may be convenience foods, but chosen carefully and used sensibly.

You can feed your rabbit varied selection of greens and vegetables every single day; plus a small amount of good quality mix or pellets. This is undoubtedly the most natural way to feed your pet rabbit

I feed my rabbit chunks of carrot, broccoli, herbs like mint, parsley etc, Banana, cauliflower, cabbage / broccoli / Cauliflower stalks, plus a commercially available food and fresh water and hay daily. The food and vegetables can be fed frequently once your rabbit is used to them.

There are also various treats marketed for rabbits ranging from milk-based yoghurt drops to sticks of cereals / grains. My rabbit goes mad for the milk-based yoghurt drops and if you leave chocolate on the sofa, he will jump up and eat this before you have a chance to get it away from him.

When I started to introduce fresh food, I was advised the following from my Vet.
* Introduce one at a time, in small quantities at first
* Build up gradually; aim to feed a selection every day
* Keep your rabbit’s vaccinations up to date, especially if you’re out collecting weeds!
* Grass is brilliant, but it needs to be a decent length – not lawn clippings
* Don’t pick greens/weeds from polluted verges or where dogs frequently foul

Things that I have tried on my rabbit, some he likes others he won’t eat for example if I cut up a normal size carrot and give this to him, he won’t eat it. But if I get the little carrots, he will go nuts over them and they will be gone in seconds it seems like.

Herbs: Basil, Coriander, Mint, Parsley, he wont eat Rosemary.

Vegetables: Spring greens, Broccoli (including leaves), Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots and carrot tops, Cauliflower leaves, Celery, Green peppers, Pea pods, Radish tops, Sweet corn, Spinach and kale may be given in small quantities

Other: Clover, Dandelion greens and flowers

Fruits: (one daily; fresh or dried – one tablespoon per 2kg body weight) Apple, Banana, Pineapple, Melon, Peach, Pear, Strawberries, Raspberry leaves

I was also told don’t feed your rabbit lettuce as this is too high in water content and they can’t digests this easily.

Good luck.

Richard asks…

How do I boost my immune system following illness?

I’m 38 and I’ve had a bad lung infection over winter. It was treated in hospital with intravenous antibiotics and inhalers but I’m still very tired and caught a virus last week because the antibiotics have compromised my immune system. I’m a self-employed scuba-diving instructor and I’ve got to get back to work asap as I haven’t earnt anything for 2 months. Thanks for any serious suggestions/websites/cures!

vti answers:

Take a GNC multivitamin and 3 GNC 500 mg chewable vitamin C/bioflavin per meal. I had horrible case of shingles and so once healed started taking these and have not been sick since. GNC is General Nutrition Center. They have stores all over and a web site. Research and “Anatomy of an Illness” show that large doses of Vit C help one resist/fight illness and bioflavin also does this. Also, try to be a vegetarian for better health and eat at least two servings of fruit per day. Fruit is the ultimate health food (“Unlimited Power” Tony Robbins). I do all these and have remarkable health.

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