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Jenny asks…

Natural acne supplement i’m taking ?

I have taking a natural supplement for my acne and yea it is working for my acne but i’m not sure wether or not to continue taking it I have lost weight and Im pretty sure the pill has a lot to do with it, I can’t gain weight which is fine I’m the thinest I have ever been, what worries me a bit is if I take it before bed I’m a bit distracted and takes longer to go to bed it’s not I somnia though, I’m very irratated and I’m not sure if it the pill or the stress from starting college also when I take it I feel like twitches in my body like near the vein like the skin rises a bit but not painful

should I continue taking it I mean it’s suppose to be natural and I hate having acne

vti answers:

The less products you use, the better for your skin. Use a bath wash like Suave Bath & Body wash in the shower, use a washcloth. Treat your face like the rest of your body, take a shower everyday or wash your face everyday.

The secret is keeping your face clean and oil-free. I also don’t use liquid on my face for anything, and very little moisturizer, not even a dime size. Since my face is not dry. Good skin also comes from your good genes. Increase your fresh fruits & vegetables 3-5 servings per day. And programmed your mind to do this day after day, for the rest of your life.

No, I don’t think you should continue taking it.
That’s not acne supplement, it’s causing you to not sleep and it’s a weight loss pill. ALREADY it’s doing funky stuff to your body~
China, which has repeatedly been caught exporting contaminated products, is a major supplier of raw supplement ingredients. The FDA has yet to inspect a single factory there.

We have identified a dozen supplement ingredients that we think consumers should avoid because of health risks, including cardiovascular, liver, and kidney problems. We found products with those ingredients readily available in store.

Because of inadequate quality control and inspection, supplements contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or prescription drugs have been sold to unsuspecting consumers. And FDA rules covering manufacturing quality don’t apply to the companies that supply herbs, vitamins, and other raw ingredients.
Beginning in February 2008, he experienced one symptom after another: diarrhea, joint pain, hair loss, lung problems, and fingernails and toenails that fell off.

Everyday Health, Consumer Reports,, CNN Health/herbal-supplements, for consumers protect yourself health fraud

Ruth asks…

Has anyone taken zinc supplements for acne?

Wondering if it actually works for acne? And how much would be enough to see results?

vti answers:

I’ve heard of people taking it and getting help, but unfortunately, whether it will work or not will depend on your level of Zinc. The short answer is that low levels of Zinc are bad for the skin and may impact your skin enough where you break out from it… But if the acne isn’t caused by low levels of Zinc, taking more isn’t going to help.
You can try it, but I wouldn’t go over 30 mg per day unless you know you’re low on Zinc (eg. From a doctor’s blood test) as too much Zinc (or most any mineral) can be bad for you. Good luck and I hope I helped!

Mark asks…

natural supplement versus doxycyline for acne?

I was on dorfyx from august to perhaps october/november and now I have been taking doxcycline for two months now. My skin clears up signifcantly, although I do get the occasional breakout from time to time even on the pills. However, my parents wish me to get off the pills since I have been on them for so long and are worried about the side effects.

Is there any natural supplement available to help with my acne?

vti answers:

In addition to following the Clear Skin diet, it is definitely worth taking some supplementary nutrients. Your ideal intake will depend on your individual needs, your lifestyle, your diet and, the environment in which you live. Remember, though, that supplements are just that – an addition to a good diet and healthy lifestyle, not a replacement for one.

This Natural Acne Treatment Formula works for all skin types and is available at pretty affordable prices.

Key Features:

* Helps you get rid of acne in a few days (normally in a week).
* It’s natural so has no side effects

you can buy this product at:

James asks…

Do collagen supplements lead to acne?

For the first week my skin was as it was, but 10 days later my face broke out with acne all over my right cheek……

vti answers:

I really doubt it, it could be an allergic reaction to the collagen supplements but no acne..

Steven asks…

Will fish-oil liquid supplement make my acne worse?

I recently started on fish oil supplement. My naturopathic doctor suggested 1 tbsp with 2 meals (2 tbsp in total) a day. I think my skin is getting oilier, and more whiteheads. Is this the fish oils doing?????

vti answers:

I don’t think so. If anything, fish oil is supposed to help reduce inflammation, which should help control acne.

The main causes of acne is toxins build up in the body and clogged pores caused by excessive oil and deadskin cells. THese provide a fertile ground for acne to spread and thrive.

To effectively fight acne and prevent acne from coming back, you have to attack acne from inside the body as well as outside on the skin. So, look for an acne product that fights acne internally as well as externally. They should also contains natural ingredients since they’re more safer to use and has less side effects.

There are also things you can do at home to get rid of acne. Take actions to detoxify your body and take care of your skin and soon, you will permanently end your acne and have clear, radiant, beautiful skin!

For the next couple of weeks, stick to the regimen below:
-Drink a glass of warm water with lemon and honey in the morning and evening
-Drink lots of water throughout the day to flush out the toxins
-Drink at least 3 cups of green tea a day – green tea contains antibacterial properties to kill the bacteria
-Try to do some exercise so you can sweat out all the toxins. Also, try to do meditation
-Eat as many apples as you can. You should buy organic apples at Wholefood. Dont buy apples at local supermarket. Supermarket apples contain pesticides that can toxify your body
-Eat oatmeal for breakfast
-Eat 2 cups of yogurt a day – yogurt boost ur immune system and contain microbiotic organisms that help your digestive system and control the acid/yeast
-Eat lots of green veggies (organic if possible)
-Stay away from coffee, sugar, carbohydrates, fatty and fried food
-Eat salmon and cantaloupe as much as possible
-Wash your face in morning and evening with gentle cleanser, use natural toner, and follow up with oil-free moisturizer

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