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Jenny asks…

Vitamin E for acne………?

I know that vitamin e is great for acne scarrs, and people say that using the vitamin e capsules for the face as opposed to using internally is also great.
However, my acne isn’t gone yet, I still get spots. Will the vitamin e still help? or is it only effective for scarrs?

vti answers:

Hi there,
vitamin e certainly is great for your skin but if you really want to get rid of the acne, you should consider using a concentrated aloe vera supplement. I have been using aloeride myself and it completely cleared up my skin after having tried many other products without any success,

Good luck!

Carol asks…

Multi Vitamin & Acne?

Has anyone heard of a multi vitamin making someone break out?
I have never had very clear skin, but since I started taking “One A Day All-Day Energy” it seams like I have many more pimples. Usualy I only break out this bad when I am PMSing. I have been taking this vitamin for about a month and the whole time my acne has been bad. I know you all will say to stop taking it so see if it stops, but I want to find out if anyone has had the same problem first. I love how I feel. I really do have energy all day with this vitamin!
Along wit it I also take
1000 mg of C
600 mg Calcium
400 mg Magnesium
15 mg Zinc
The strange thing is that my hubby is having the same problem but takes no other vitimins. I hope this helps!

vti answers:

If the acne is getting worse with this vitamin, you are probably getting too much of something in the vitamin. In reality, taking vitamins is a good way to control acne, and B complex vitamins and Stress formula vitamins are the best for acne control.

Robert asks…

Vitamin A capsules…acne?

So I read somewhere that taking 4 vitamin a pills in the morning and 4 more at night are good for acne, which i have. I also heard that opening up the gel capsule and rubbing the gel on your face helps too.. help me out guys! idk what to do.

vti answers:

No. Too much vitamin A is toxic. If your body receives more than 25,000 IU of Vitamin A that is VERY BAD. More than that is considered a toxic amount. I think that if you ingest 8 vitamin a pills you may have to contact poison control. The average person should only have at most 800 IU of vitamin A daily.

However, I formulated a supplement program that will help your acne. First review the Perricone MD Skin Clear Supplements:

As you can see, it helped with acne. Now I will make an improved version that will not only help your skin more than the Perricone’s but is also more cost effective. Buy these at Its cheapest there, even with shipping.

*Source Naturals Skin Eternal Plus
*Evening Primrose Oil (Source Naturals Evening Primrose Oil – 120 Softgels)
*Calcium+Magnesium+Vitamin D (I like Twinlab Calcium 500 with Magnesium & Vitamin D — 180 Tablets)
*Omega-3 (DEFINITELY CARLSON SUPER OMEGA-3!!!!! It was even featured in Oprah magazine as the purest fish oil)

Compare this program to that of the Perricone and you will find you get more vitamins from this improved version. Im actually using this supplement program lol.

Mandy asks…

vitamin E for acne? help?

if i puncture a vitamin E gel capsule and put it on my face will it clear up my acne or give me more acne? Ive tried EVERYTHING. my acne isnt horrible but I hate it. Ive tried so many products and nothing works because everything dries out your face because it has to dry out the pimpled for them to go away so I get horribly dry skin on my face. moisturizers DONT work for me they make me break out even more. so now Ive heard good things about vitamin E for acne but is it true that it works? I just need something to clear up my skin (besides water because I drink close to a gallon a day right now and still have acne!) so will this work? thanks!

vti answers:

Vitamin E will not curb acne bacteria. Vitamin B applied topically does.

Niacinamide face cleansing pads are effective and simple way to keep acne away. Just place a pad on the pimple and watch it fade away. Lavender Oil helps prevent skin drying.
Niacinamide pads are also known as Vitamin B3 pads or Nicotinamide pads.
Give them a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Ken asks…

vitamins to help/prevent acne, pimples, etc.?

i was wondering what kind of vitamins i need to take daily for acne prevention and to help.?
yes i do the usual rountine like washing my face 2 times a day, and i have a great diet- no junk food and no fizzy drinks. no smoking, drugs. nothing

vti answers:

Vitamins will only be of assistance if you are vitamin deficient. If you eat a proper diet, you shouldn’t need them. However, the only supplements that really help acne are Vitamin C and Zinc. Make sure you use a high quality, sustained release Vitamin C 1,000 mg a day and the Zinc should be in a highly absorbable form such as Zinc Picolinate and needs to be taken twice a day.

Sounds like you have the diet aspect under control so Vitamin C and Zinc are the only supplements you should take. B complex can actually increase acne in some people and when you combine Vitamin E with C and Zinc, it can increase Testosterone levels and therefore exacerbate acne. Also, make sure you get at least 8 hours of quality sleep a night.

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