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Robert asks…

Anyone know of any natural remedies for high blood pressure?

I have been walking everyday for over a year and follow a healthy diet. Have lost 70 lbs. I know I look better and feel better, but my blood pressure is very high. It just won’t come down. I really would like to try a natural remedy. If anyone can help, I appreciate it. Thanks.

vti answers:

Don’t eat salt. Talk a children’s aspirin daily.

There are very effective pills for this, so why do you want to use a “natural” remedy? High blood pressure is very serious and is called the “silent killer” because you will suddenly have a stroke without warning. Do not mess with this. Go get a real prescription. You will feel a lot better.

John asks…

what are the home remedies for high blood pressure?

vti answers:

There are many natural herbs and vitamins to help blood pressure. Garlic and cinnamon do help.

But I found that a vitamin called POLICOSANOL is specifically good at helping to remove plaque and lower blood pressure. There are 2 kinds–one made from rice and one made from sugar cane. Use the one from sugar cane, which has been found to have the same effects as leading advertised drugs out today, without any side effects that make these drugs so dangerous. The Rice version was found in studies to have no effect whatsoever.

I would suggest searching out a local health food store and asking questions. But be careful of having to buy a ton of extra vitamins. Also check out a natural or holistic doctor who can give you suggestions. They tend to examine a person from many perspectives, not just the physical.

Good luck.

David asks…

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure?

What are the home remedies for high blood pressure or how to get rid of high blood pressure issue? Natural treatment and cure at home.

vti answers:

FISH OIL is great for high blood pressure.

My cardilogist’s nurse told me that it is OK to take up to 4,000mg of fish oil a day. Choose a reputable, yet easily found brand, for example Carlson. My Integrative MD said that 3,000mg would be enough.

Also: WORK OUT. Use the elliptical and also: lifting weights is GREAT to lower blood pressure.

Also: see take you blood pressure daily at home, to see where you are going, and work with a doctor that you trust to adjust your lifestyle as needed. It might not be easy to find the right doctor. Unfortunately, most of of them today tend to solve problems with a pill and nothing else. But for long-term results, you need to work on your lifestyle.

Lisa asks…

Any natural remedies to reduce high blood pressure?

i am taking meds to reduce my high bp but its not very effective. I dont know if it will bring a permanent change. i have to be totally dependent on it..i also want to start with some natural remedies that will help control blood pressure on a long term basis. Do you have any suggestions ?

vti answers:

I’m really sorry to hear about your BP issue….however, BP is not a matter for you and I to try home remedies on. Anything that works on the blood may have other side effects (other than BP) on the heart itself.
For a direct answer…..monitor your eating habits. Salt etc will certainly raise your BP, as will other foods. Try the Mediterranean diet as it will bring down inflammation, BP, and stop any p[possible obstructions..Please try to do some cardio (walking, jogging, etc) at least 3 times a week….it will help tremendously starting in a few weeks after you begin.

Helen asks…

Arethere any natural remedies to reduce high blood pressure?

vti answers:

Maintain your weight. Exercise more often. Since excess body fat is a primary risk factor in hypertension, it is important to maintain a healthy weight.
Be physically active. Brisk walking, bicycling, raking leaves, and gardening are the best exercises.
Follow a low fat diet. Eliminate cholesterol in your diet.
Eliminate salt from your diet. Look at the salt content of tinned foods, snacks, potato chips, French fries, diet soft drinks, sauces, etc. These are high in salt, don’t eat them. Do not eat foods that contain soda, sodium, Na, monosodium glutamate, baking soda and preservatives. Read the food labels carefully. With herbs, spices, garlic and onions, you can make your food tasty without salt.
Restrict consumption of refined sugars. Read the lables and note different names of sugars.
A high fiber diet is recommended.
Increase intake of potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C. Potassium rich foods include banana, orange, tangerine, beans, dried peas,potatoes, etc.
Magnesium rich foods include almonds, cashews, pecans, rice, banana, potatoes, kidney beans, oat bran, peas, soy, wheat germ, etc.
Calcium rich foods include low fat dairy foods, nuts, watercress, kale, broccoli, turnip greens, collard greens, mustard greens, etc.
Garlic helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

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