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Richard asks…

What is gokus age during the cell saga in Dragon Ball Z?

I mean I dont know. Always wondered.

vti answers:

Age 737 = Goku is Born
Age 749 = Bulma meets Goku
Age 756 = Goku & Chi-Chi is Married
Age 757 = Gohan is born
Age 761 = Goku is killed
Age 762 = Goku is Ressurected
Age 767 = Cell Arrives

So depending on exactly when Goku was brn he would be 29 or 30 years old

but if you want a more informative answer then I hope This site
helps you as it has every moment from before the first episode

John asks…

what is the appropiate age for a cell phone?

vti answers:

Depends on the age and the reason for the call, my kids had one at 10, it could only call the house or our cell phones, it was for emergencies and so we could stay in touch ( he walked to his babysitters from school) We could also call him to say we are home so he could come home, or go somewhere else.

He got a real one at 13, abused it, got it taken away, tried again a few months later, lost the phone within a week.

He is now 15 and had a pay as you go phone which he pays for, so far he has been pretty good, he did get it taken away for texting in class.

If it is just so they can text message with their friends, I would suggest pay as you go, so they have limits and you don’t have to worry about a huge phone bill, our sons phone is in his own name, he gets a statement, gives him some responsibility

Mark asks…

Is it bad to use anti-aging skin products at a young age?

I always buy organic anti-aging facial serums, creams, etc. I have a whole big regiment for my skin, and I have really good skin because of it. But someone just told me that using anti-aging products at a young age speeds up cell replication and you don’t want that at a young age. Is it true or is there no harm in it?

vti answers:


BUT . . . .You can prevent aging by starting NOW AND YOU won’t be needing anti-aging when you’re 50.

1. Staying out of the sun. If you have gotten sunburned before you’re 18, you’ll have dark spots or brown spots, some get freckles and those will get darker and bumpier as you get older. It’s best not to make them darker or bumpy, and staying out of the sun will prevent that. Just from the heat, can make anyone flaky. I use my wide brim hat everywhere I go, and while I’m inside a car as a rider, I use blanket over the window or sit where it’s shady. Lotions does not protect you from sunburn, same with cancer and could permanently discolor your skin. Lotions does not protect you from skin disease.

2. Don’t go in a tanning bed. You’ll aged 10-15 years faster.

3. Bathing or showering in hot water and too much chlorine can make you looking like ‘dishpan hands’. Use warm water.

4. Use a washcloth when taking a shower. I use Bath & Body (Suave, Dove, Irish Spring, etc.) wash for body & face. No baths! The less you’re in the water, the less you’ll get wrinkles.

5. For oily skin, the less you fuss with your skin, the better. Keep your face oil-free & dry from dirt & perspiration. Blot it with a tissue or blotter, and keep them dry. Using powder foundation, blush & eyeshadow is best. Less is best, less product poisoning. Google Elizabeth Taylor when she’s 16, then Google her when she’s 79.

6. Servings of 3-5 fresh fruits & vegetables daily. Google: FIVE FOODS TO EAT FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN
All the vitamins & minerals you need for good skin care comes from all the healthy foods you eat from Mother Nature.

7. For your hands, wear gloves winter, spring, fall, and wear gloves for every chores you do, so you don’t have to wash them often. In the garden, office, kitchen. Thank God for those! Too bad they don’t have ones for feet.

None of those anti aging products works. Many are not approved by the FDA, it’s trendy right now because people are desperate. You can’t plump a raisin back to grapes, not possible. You can try soaking them with serum, or whale sperm, or water or juice, but it’s never the same as before. Skin is the same thing . . . That’s why people go for the faster route. They travel to Brazil to get a cheap surgery, but they come back to Beverly Hills to get them corrected.

The function of the FDA is to monitor new drugs, such as anti aging products, entering into the marketplace and ensure that they are safe and effective. Unfortunately, many anti aging skin care products as well as other anti aging products use wild and exaggerated claims in their marketing materials.

According to the FDA, a big controversy with some of the advertising are claims that anti aging products will rejuvenate or repair or restructure the skin. These types of claims lead to speculation that the product is causing structural changes to the skin. If this is true, these products should be classified as drugs and should be removed from the market until the FDA has approved them. Conversely, if these claims are not true, the companies should stop claiming these features for their products.

In the past, the FDA has sent regulatory letters to the cosmetic companies making these types of claims informing them that they may be in violation of federal laws.

Joseph asks…

wrong age on cell phone order?

i orderd a cell from zurvita mobile but i put my age as 1991 and im only 17 my date is 1992 and it went through so what can happen what should i do the phone is already on its way sending will they just not send me the phone since my age is wrong?

vti answers:

If you wrote your age down wrong, I don’t see how they can check so they’ll just send it. You should be safe 🙂

Carol asks…

What is a good age for a cell phone?

I am just wondering. I bet some 9-year-olds can do that.

vti answers:

When a child is old enough that they’re doing things without direct adult supervision, then it’s a good age to introduce a cell phone that can call only mom, dad and 911. When I was a kid and I was ready to be picked up from the mall or someone forgot to get me from ballet lessons or whatever, I used a payphone. Pay phones aren’t easy to find anymore because everyone has a cell phone. But if your child is young enough to still be supervised, then the adult they’re with almost certainly has a cell phone and there’s no need for the child to have his/her own.

When a child is old enough to hold a job and pay the bill, then it’s a good age to allow them a more traditional phone.

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