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William asks…

Are protein supplements legal?

Are protein supplements like whey protein legal or are they just as illegal as the Anabolic Steroids than when tested possitive can cause a lot of issues in sports events? Are protein supplements considered as food or drugs?

vti answers:

Protein supplements are nutritional complements. They are not illegal. When I use whey protein I don’t think of it as a drug. The word “supplements” says it all. These are just products to enhance your eating plan; therefore, they are very much associated with body builders, fitness buffs and athletes. Androsteindione, which is what Mark McGuire was using when he hit the 73 homeruns, is actually found naturally in sweet potatoes. There are many safe, legal methods of supplementing. The anabolic steroids are illegal for a reason. They can kill you!

John asks…

Weight Gain Supplements.?

What would happen if i take weight gain supplements but do not workout?

vti answers:

Most “weight gain” supplements are just massive amounts of sugar with a bit of cheap protein thrown in. I wasn’t even aware that they still marketed that crap. It was big in the 1990’s but seemed to have faded away after people realized it was just garbage. I used to take Weider’s “mega-mass 2000. It came in a big ‘dog food bag’ that was 10 or 20 lbs….I forget. But it was just garbage (like ALL supplements). It was approx 90% simple carbs in the form of pure sugar.

Anyway….to answer your question…’ll just get fatter. If you take a so-called weight gain supplement and do work out you’ll probably still just get fatter. Bulking and cutting is a waste of time. Stay lean and take the gains as they come. Muscular gains come from working the compound barbell movements with good intensity. Eating real, whole foods and getting enough sleep are also important. Throw away all you muscle mags as well. Joe Weider is the devil. He just wants your money. Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik is the only book you need.

Donna asks…

Dog supplements for pitbulls???

well i was doing some research on dog supplements for pitbulls, and i was wondering if the supplements are good for dogs?is it worth it?….
[[i want your opinions…please]]

would you give your pitbulls Dog supplements? or do you think thats a dumb idea??
do you think NuVet is a good pitbull supplement?……

i want my pitbull to grow a little bit more[[weight,muscle, and i want her to be healthier]]

vti answers:

What kind of supplements do you mean?
Glucosamine is an excellent supplement for joint health, as far as vitamin supplements go I would stay away from them if your dog is on a good quality dog food. High excess of certain vitamins and minerals can cause health problems. I bought a dog from a breeder that told me to add calcium to my puppys food and he ended up having calcium deposits on his tongue that had to be surgically removed! Its best to ask your vet first before adding a supplement.

Ken asks…

body building supplements ?

I m kindda skinny i m so desperate about gaining muscles and building my body up .. i tried to weight gainers while i m working out it seems to be they all fake. can anyone help me out to find the correct supplements ? if you can help me out i greatly appreciated .. thanks in advance…

vti answers:

Bodybuilding supplements are dietary supplements commonly used by those involved in bodybuilding and athletics. Bodybuilding supplements may be used to replace meals, enhance weight gain, promote weight loss or improve athletic performance. Among the most widely used are vitamin supplements, protein, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), glutamine, essential fatty acids, meal replacement products, creatine, weight loss products and testosterone boosters. I hope that helped a little. =)

Mary asks…


Hi can anybody tell me whether body building supplements like coach formula super protein is good for health?is it safe?whats the difference between steroids and supplements.what are the side effects of these?.please explain in brief.thanx in advance

vti answers:

Sign…it seems like most people think all supplements are drugs of some sort. Judging from previous answers.

Steroids are hormones. Supplements are foods. See?
You body produce testosterone. That very hormone spike in the morning and make you little john stands up. That’s normal. If it doesn’t stand that abnormal. Then, testosterone make you stronger and recover faster after training. So, some people inject them. They get more testosterone for training and recovery. Injecting testosterone, steroid hormone, works this way.

For supplements, you see, after you trained hard and break your muscle down, you need protein for recovery. You want to eat 2 pounds of steak or just a glass of shake to fill your recovery. If you do eat a steak you get fat with it while drinking shake you get only things on the nutrition fact.

So, steroids are hormone. Supplements are foods. You will get some side effects from steroids as well as any people who have their hormonal disorder. You will not likely to get side effects from supplements unless you’re allergic to them.

Be warn though, some supplements possess side effects like creatine might cause you to become heat intorerant. Read the label and do some research before you pay.

In brief: Supplements are foods. Steroids are hormones. Steroid might cause side effects while supplements are not likely unless you are allergic.

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