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Sharon asks…

Do Tanning booths help with vitamin D?

I have read that you need UV radiation from the sun to produce vitamin D, and that the sun is not strong enough in northern latitudes in the winter to produce vitamin D. Would a tanning booth help?

vti answers:

Vitamin D is a cheap supplement; I’m sure it’s way cheaper than using a tanning booth. Also, the oral supplements won’t age your skin and give you cancer in later life. Tanning will.

Robert asks…

Confession Booth?

I would like to confess a few things in a church in the confession booth this weekend. Does anyone know which churches have it and do they judge you or help you out when you confess? I really need help and I am willing to do anything to get out of this mess I’m in.

vti answers:

I know you must be Catholic to confess and receive absolution from a Catholic Priest.

Why ever would the above person presume Catholicism got her into the mess she’s in. That’s just stupid.

Many times when a person confesses a certain sin they not only are absolved from the guilt of the sin but, they receive the grace to overcome the temptations to sin this way again. They will still be tempted but, they will have more of Jesus’ strength.

The Apostles were given this ministry from Jesus himself when he blew onto them and said “Receive the Holy Spirit, whose sins you shall forgive, will be forgiven, and whose sins you shall retain shall be retained.”. This has been passed down through the ages. It is a marvelous thing. It is how the salt that has lost its saltiness becomes salty again.

Mandy asks…

What were Charles Booths main findings?

We were set an assignment for history to do with Charles Booth, and I cant find anywhere online that outlines the three most significant findings of Charles Booths studies conducted in the late 1890’s. HELP ME!!!

vti answers:

Booth described the conditions under which various social classes lived. He tried to determine the causes of poverty and to show the relationship between poverty and depravity on the one hand and regularity of income and a decent way of living on the other hand. Regularity of income played the largest role in determining poverty status. Booth found that, of the 4,076 poor individuals he studied, 62 percent were paid low or irregular wages; 23 percent had large families or suffered from illness; and 15 percent squandered their earnings, drank excessively, or refused to work. In his research Booth drew on his own observations and those of clergymen of long service in their parishes, and he consulted records of schools and charitable organizations. Life and Labour contains a series of maps of London in which various colours indicate the degree of poverty of each street. Especially concerned with the aged, Booth advocated old-age pensions for all rather than just for persons whose incomes were below a certain standard.


Mark asks…


Hi, I was wondering if there is an analog to tanning beds but just for face. I do not want to tan my whole body, just the face. And if they are, in case you live in San Francisco, please let me know where I can find them! Thank you!

PS. I am aware of skin cancer and aging. So if you don’t have specific answer to my question do not answer it. Thanks.
Thank you! I thought so))

vti answers:

.I have never heard of ‘face tanning booths’ however in years past having ones own “sunlamp” wasn’t uncommon. Something like that might still be available that you could own and use as desired, at home. Do some research and see what you find.

I don’t think tanning salons would get enough business for faces only to make it profitable for them to offer that service. Most people who go want whole body or legs.

Good luck!

Jenny asks…

please what is the maximum age to vote in UK?

I know which is the minimum age but I need to know, according to the laws, until what age a person can vote. If you have the link, best.

Thank you very much for someone to help me:)

vti answers:

There isn’t a maximum age. As long as you are healthy enough to get to the voting booths then you can vote

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