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Susan asks…

How do I get medical coupons, if I have medical insurance?

I know the question sounds stupid but, my husband and I just found out that we are having a baby in January. I have medical insurance, which does cover maternal care, with the exception of copay, and deductibles, all that good stuff. Although we have been trying for out lil miracle, it has been so long, that it surprised us when the test came out positive. My husband had some employment struggles and he is in the process of finding full-time employment. Which means for us that we are going to have a lot of medical bills that will be difficult to pay. My original question is can I get medical coupons if I am not making enough to support everything? Even though I have insurance?

vti answers:

Check with your Department of Health. You may be eligible for Medicaid–to cover the rest of your expenses. You may also be eligible for WIC to help with food for you and the baby. My husband and I struggled through the hospital bills with our first, just to find out we probably could have gotten some sort of assistance. Your hospital probably has payment options, as well. With our second child, we were able to pay all of our hospital bills right away–except for the BIG one. We’re making equal monthly payments for a year and not paying any interest.

Another thing you should look into is a Flexible Spending Account. If your company offers this as one of their benefits, sign up for it during the open enrollment period at the end of the year. Since your baby is due in January, this may be a real help. The way it works is: You estimate how much your medical bills come to for the year. You tell the FSA administrator that you want to have that amount in your FSA. You get that amount to spend UP FRONT. Then, you repay the amount out of your paycheck for the rest of the year–and that comes out before taxes. I have 2 kids and a husband that are on my benefits. I estimated that we’ll spend about $1040 on medical expenses. So, $20 a week comes out of my check for that–and since it’s pre-tax, I don’t even miss it. The rules of the account state that I can only use that money for medical, dental, prescriptions, and OTC medications for me and my dependents. And I have to be able to produce receipts for these expenditures when they request them for IRS reporting purposes. It is worth it, though.

Good luck and Congratulations!!

Betty asks…

How can I print off coupons from the net ?

My pc is out dated and I can’t download the coupon printer program to print off the online coupons. I know I can get coupons through my newspaper and the mail but there are tons more coupons that I can get online that isn’t offer through my newspaper/mail. Is there another way for me to get these coupons that are being offer online without downloading this program?

*Operating system: Windows 98

vti answers:

Read the second to last paragraph below….

The best coupon website that I have found is It has loads of information about every type of coupon you are looking for. There is so much information that you really have to take the time and read through all the forums to get the full benefit.

I get a lot of great printable coupon links off of this forum Tons of grocery and health and beauty coupons

This site has also helped me to match my coupons with sales at certain stores and if you read through the forums will teach you everything you need to know. I save the most money shopping to CVS which I always thought was too expensive. When you use their sales and their Extra Care Bucks rewards you actually get so much free and many times you get what is called an “overage” which is where with the discounts you actually earn money so you get things for free and they basically pay you to shop there. You do have to put some time into it at first but once you get the hang of it it’s like second nature. Here is a link to the drug store forums (Walgreens, RiteAid, CVS etc…)

Also, another great thing is that they have forums for each grocery store. So you can click on which ever grocery store you want to shop at and you will see where people have already matched up coupons with the stores sales which is very helpful. (This is how you get a lot of food free or for very little money.)

This is another great way to get coupons… The following is a link to many different manufacturers. If you click on the “Contact Us” link on each website and just compliment their products or ask for coupons 75% or more will mail you coupons. Most of them are great coupons ( I just got 4 coupons for free Playtex tampons (6.99 value each). Because you do have to fill in your name and address you would want to use an auto fill program so that with a click of a button everything is filled in (ex. Name, address, email etc.) then all you have to do is write a personal message and hit send. I make up a generic message complimenting the product and save it on my computer. When I am requesting for coupons I just copy and paste that message so I don’t have to type anything. It takes all of maybe 15 seconds on each website for great return in coupons.


I know all of this information can really help you just have to take the time to read and teach yourself to really cut your grocery bill in half. I more then cut mine in half and that is not including the free name brand shampoo, conditioner, make up, face wash, body wash, and personal hygiene products.

Lizzie asks…

How can I save money on groceries with coupons in Canada like people do in the US?

I have watched show on US TV where shoppers save tons of money using coupons for their groceries. Is it possible to do the same here in Canada?
I am looking for coupons for groceries in Canada. I want them for free. Thanks

vti answers:

It is not as easy believe me, I clip them also, the Us has more due to the competition between grocery stores and food manufacturers, I would say like I do, sit down and write a list and pick 1 or 2 stores to shop at ( I shop at No Frills on Dufferin St/Bloor St and Price Chopper on Dupont St and once and a while FoodBasics at Dufferin and Dupont, here in Toronto, I live in the Annex area), I am a single former chef, diabetic and a lacto-ovo vegetarian now due to health issues, and find this is the best way, but do use the store coupons, flyer ones, magazine ones and any other you can find, with the rising costs of food, prices for dairy, bread and veg going up due to the fuel crisis, any place you can save is a benefit. And with the local veg and fruits in the summer it is easier, even buy extra and can, freeze or pickle to make ends meet like our parents and grandparents did in the 30’/40’s and 50’s, stretch the food budget were you can, I do and I am on disability to so I am on a fixed income.

Michael asks…

Suggestions on good for you foods at a low price?

I am trying to lose weight but it seems like all the good foods are expensive. Any meal ideas or just food ideas in general.

vti answers:

It will take time, but compare shop. Pre-packaged meals seem cheap. For the same amount of $ you can buy healthier ingredients and feed more people. Some cheap items I get are beans, frozen vegetables, pasta, in-season fresh fruits and vegetables. Check out different grocery stores too. I go to three different groceries. One for cans, frozen vegetables and some produce. Another for their health food selection. Then there is Wall-mart for everything else. I also use coupons on items that are also on sale. I grow a garden in a very small yard. I feed eight people for $500.00 a month. No eating out!! Yes, that is Food stamps.

Carol asks…

Can anyone give me tips on food shopping?

My boyfriend is on a very strict diet; he’s got too high cholesterol and he’s obese, so he has this one nutritionist who gave him a list of foods he can have and foods to avoid for losing weight, as well as a chart of how many servings of what food group to eat when, tailored to his eating habits; his doctor gave him a second list of foods to eat and foods to avoid for his cholesterol; and he’s been advised to watch his sodium. He needs low-sodium foods with low saturated fat and low cholesterol, no cheese, he doesn’t eat eggs– and he’s a college student barely scraping money together to shop at all, so it needs to be cheap. Any suggestions?
Basically, the way he shops, when he has money (his parents give him a small amount for his rent so he can continue in school, plus he’s now got a parttime job to supplement), he goes shopping for maybe 20-40 dollars worth of groceries, which he does maybe twice a month, and supplements with fast food when his groceries run out, because food and gas are competing for his $$

vti answers:

My advice is to shop the perimeter of the grocery store, that is where most of the healthy foods are located. I don’t know what is all on his list of what to eat and what not to eat, from both the nutritionist and doctor, but I assume it would include lots of foods from the produce area like fresh fruits and vegetables, the meat department where you will find poultry and fish, and then the aisles where he can get things like low-sodium canned tuna and canned salmon, whole grain breads and whole grains (like brown rice and rolled oats), nuts, seeds, and legumes (lentils, black beans), and then healthy fats like olive oil- all naturally low in sodium, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

Processed food and fast food can be really cheap, but it is loaded with hydregenated oils, sodium, and sugars, all of the things he should avoid, and they are usually located in the middle of the store- all the packaged junk foods, cookies, crackers, chips, candy, etc.

If you shop the sales, use coupons, buy generic when it is an option, buy some items in bulk, and cook at home it can be affordable. It will require a lot of organization, planning ahead, and basic cooking skills, but it can be done- and good health is the reward.

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