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Jenny asks…

What’s the difference between holistic nutrition and going to university?

I’m trying to decide between one of these two schools:


But I can’t really decide if it’s worth it? If you’re becoming a nutritionist, why not just go to one of these schools instead of university where you will just pay more.

vti answers:

I don’t think it matters either way. People don’t exactly hyper check the credentials of nutritionists.

George asks…

Antibiotic Diarrhea, Probiotics & Nutrition.?

O.k., I will try to make this as short as possible, but may not be possible. Finished my 2nd round of antibiotics almost 3 weeks or so ago. The 2nd day of taking Erythromycin (which I dont recommend) and never really taking antibiotics before I developed a pretty good case of diarrhea, not terrible just loose with a little water and some chunks. After about 1.5 weeks of finishing them, I began taking probiotics and the diarrhea subsided so I thought everything was cool. So, I tried to get back to my normal diet of mostly raw fruits and veges and alot of grain. I had some cabbage, a salad, some grapes and 2 oranges. Well, guess what? It was not yet time to go full force into it, and it all ran right through me. I got back on the Brat Diet and everything returned to normal. So here are my problems.
A. The doctor gave me no instructions on taking the antibiotics (Great Doc) I had no clue that they would mess me up as bad as they did. I later learned that the antibiotics are some of the worst for messing up your normal Flora.
B. When I called the pharmacist at night, he told me to take Immodium! Most of you know that Anti-Diarrheals only stop you up, leave the toxins in your body longer and make things worse.
C. After I finished the anibiotics and still had loose stool, I asked about probiotics. He told me that they are all the same and to eat whatever I wanted. I quickly learned that they arent all the same, they can have 1 mil count up to 50 bil count. Only when I went back and got a better probiotic, did it start working. And I found out quickly that I couldnt eat anything I wanted.
So, I told you all of that to ask you this. I have been on this Brat Diet for a few weeks now. I am very active and feel sorta Blah with not getting all the vitamins from the raw foods. I hate white bread and white rice and dont get the energy I need from it. I am thinking about introducing some cooked broccoli and berries. I dont really like taking supplements, but I guess I could. So, how would you reccomend I get some vitamins back in my body without having another relapse? I feel pretty good right now, and feel like the worse is over, but I still dont want to push it. You think juicing would be alright? And is there any vitamins that may interact with probiotics. Thanks again for reading my rambling.

vti answers:

Why don’t you just go see a Naturopath? Whatever health issues you have can be cleared up without antibiotics. MDs don’t get any training in nutrition and especially not holistic nutrition. Conditions like IBS, etc. Can be cured with the right probiotics and probably some homeopathy.
The Brat diet sounds like a sure trip to crappy overall health.
Vitamins don’t interact with probiotics but you should take them a couple of hours apart, and all probiotics are not created equal.
The best single food to regulate your system when you have diarrhea or constipation is organic unsweetened apple sauce.(For dogs it’s pure pumpkin. Even if the vet knows they’d rather sell you their stuff at $10 a can.) The idea is to balance, not suppress or oppose.

Charles asks…

What is the best college for holistic nutrition in Canada?

vti answers:

HEAL THY SELF, call a few homeopaths, get some recamendations.

Joseph asks…

Candae or Holistic?

Which food is better Candae or Holistic and why, or are they both almost the same?
Sorry I meant Canidae
To Shasta: your answer based on my looks says enough about who is retarded
It is Holistic by Eagle Pack
Thank you guys all for an honest answer, I recently changed to Holistic from Eagle Pack and I wanted to know more about Canidae as it was recommended to me by weimaraner breeder, we’ll try Canidae as well and see which one my baby likes more 🙂

vti answers:

Canidae is a holistic brand of food. I feed it to my french bulldog and she is doing fantastic on it! Good teeth, beautiful coat, great weight.

I always recommend going with a premium dog food. You are going to pay more for it, but you’ll be saving money in the long run. The ingredients are human grade, the ingredients come from a consistant source, you don’t have to feed as much because each bite is full of quality nutrition.

Other good holistic foods are: Wellness, Innova, Eagle Pack Holistic, California Natural, Natures Balance, Solid Gold, Fromm’s, Merrick, etc.
You want to learn to read ingredients. Avoid foods that have “by-products”, “ground corn”, “BHA or BHT” in it. These premium foods are not something you will find in a grocery or a discount store

Carol asks…

where can I find a good online program where i can get my herbology degree?

Also whats the difference between Holistic Nutrition Degree and Natural Health Degree?

vti answers:

There is no credible “herbology” degree.

The “real” herbology degree is called “Pharmacognosy”.

There is no difference between “Holistic Nutrition Degree” and “Natural Health Degree”. They are both bogus degrees offered by worthless online “schools”.

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