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George asks…

Can anyone tell me if “Eagle Pack” Holistic Select is a good dog food to feed my 1 1/2 old Shih Tzu?

My baby has been eating Iams (the adult green bag) but he acts like he doesnt like it as well as he did the puppy formula . So today I bought him Eagle pack Holistic Select chicken meal & rice formula from a local pet store who told me it was one of the top breeders food to feed dogs.

vti answers:

You made the right decision in changing the food over to Eagle Pack Holistic Select. It’s one of the top sellers at the pet store i work at. And all we specialize in is holistic human grade dog foods at the pet store.

Mandy asks…

Pedigree and Eagle Pack Holistic Select?

Now if i were to compare these two brands, Pedigree(low quality dog food) and Eagle pack HOLISTIC SELECT(high quality dog food) feeding requirements would you feed less of Holistic Select or the same amount as Pedigree? Could some prove it to me aswell?

Thankyou, all answers appreciated!

vti answers:

22.7 to 34.0 kg 3 3/4 to 5 cups per day

Eagle Pack
27-32kg 2 1/2 – 3 cups

These are from their websites on feeding guidelines.
You would be feeding about 1-2 cups less per day for this weight range.

Nancy asks…

Do you really feed more of Eagle Pack Holistic Select Chicken Meal and Rice than Pedigree?

I looked at Pedigree puppy`s feeding guidelines and Eagle Pack Holistic and realised that You have to feed more of Holistic Select. I may be wrong but I don`t know.

Go to these two websites to see for yourself:

vti answers:

~ First I can’t believe you are even comparing these two.

-Neither site says how many calories per cup so it makes it hard to Gage.

– The ingredients in Pedigree are just horrific for a puppy and any dog for that matter, plus they do it by age in months instead of weight. Puppies do need more food and I think Pedigree has missed the mark on this one especially since there is very little meat and mostly grain. This is far from optimal for a dog.

I hope this was just a hypothetical question and you are not actually considering Pedigree as a valuable dog food.

Robert asks…

I’m switching my 9 week old mini schnauzer from purina puppy chow to holistic select…?

How much of the holistic select a day should i feed her? She’s been eating a cup of the purina puppy chow a day.

vti answers:


try feeding a good top quality food with no grain , no corn , no by-products

example – orijen , EVO , TOTW , wellness core

Lisa asks…

would holistic select larg/giant breed puppy food be good for a huge american staffordshire terrier puppy?

this puppy will grow to be over a hundred pounds.

vti answers:

A raw diet of meat, meaty bones and offal is suitable for all dogs from toy to giant breeds. Because there are no carbohydrates the pups don’t experience huge growth spurts but maintain a slower, steady growth until adult hood.

If you aim to feed about 2/3 muscle meat and the remaining third a combination of meaty bones and organs your dog will get everything it needs to be healthy for life. As this is calculated over the course of a week or two it is really easy to work out. I feed chicken quarters, beef, pork, lamb and kangaroo meat as well as eggs, whole fish, heart, kidney, liver and giblets.

** I raw feed dogs and cats and breed staffordshire bull terriers. My pups are weaned straight onto this diet. We had our first home bred ‘baby of breed’ last month :-))

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