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Richard asks…

Pantene vs. Herbal essence?

which one’s better

vti answers:

HE(herbal essence) ofcourse u know dat
i am just answering to get the 2 pts
if u can plz give the 10 pts

Helen asks…

new herbal essence line question?

if i use the herbal essence “pin straight” shampoo and use the herbal essence “break off (hair strenghting)” conditioner…will my hair still go straight from the shampoo, or will it not work anymore?

vti answers:

Now, please do not use herbal essence it is so bad for your hair, and all it is it fragrence oils, and yeah it does smell good, but thats all. Did you know? There are lawsuits against herbal essence because people have there hair fallen out, i used it for two days, and then heard of the lawsuit and stoped, and now, my hair it falls out really easy just for a light tension, and its really scarying me, i recommend tresemme or therma silk, seriously do not use herbal essence, it is really bad for your hair. You can straighten you hair instead, ive been straightening my hair for like 4 years now and have no split ends, becuase i use what is called “citre shine spray laminator” and it causes all frizzy ness to go away and prevent breakages and split ends, it really is good for you, but please, if you know whats best don’t use herbal essences. All it is it fragrence oils that why it smells so good.

Donna asks…

sunsilk or herbal essences?

which shampoo is better, sunsillk hair straightning shampoo or herbal pin straight?

vti answers:

Herbal essences… Plus it smells better. =)

Sandy asks…

sunsilk or herbal essence?

i have sort of dry damaged curly hair i want a better shampooo. sunsilk or herbal essence?

vti answers:

Herbal Essences. Get the hello hydration. That stuff is a miracle worker

Laura asks…

Aussie vs. Herbal Essences?

I really need to get a new shampoo and I’m planning on getting either Aussie or Herbal Essences. Which one, in your opinion, smells better? Which is better for your hair? And, most importantly, do they test on animals? Thanks in advance. 🙂

vti answers:

Herbal essences is the best.
Ive heard they are NOT tested on animals……

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