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Your Questions About Natural Remedies

Daniel asks…

Need someone into holistic medicine to answer these questions for me…?

What type of holistic medicine?
How and why did you get into it?

Need to write a paper for school. Thanks!!

vti answers:

Any type of medicine can be practiced holistically or with a reductionist slant.
Holistically means considering the cause of the symptoms and not just the symptoms.
It really can be like peeling the layers of an onion though.

For example, take lower back pain. This is often thought of as musculoskeletal but a lot of lower back pain has an internal organ component referring the pain into the lower back. The connective tissue and fascia can also be involved. In this picture you also consider the fluids involved. The lymphatics, venous drainage and arterial supply are all going to be affected by tissue tightening. Of course this will have affects on these systems too.
These tissues are all innervated by the central nervous system which has influence from the Sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Now these are systems I can influence with osteopathic manual treatment although not totally. What about what I can’t influence?

Should I just ignore them and pretend they don’t exist?

Should I do what I can and hope these other things I can’t change will sort themselves out with what I can do?

Should I just give up and think “its all hopeless!”

The second answer is correct. Although I can’t change everything. Often what I can change is enough to start the bodies process of healing itself off. All I need to do is help the body heal itself.

Thats holistic.

Reductionist is symptom management not addressing the underlying cause. Sometimes however that is all one can do.
Hypothyroidism is a good example. I know of no reliable way to stop the thyroid being dysfunctional and produce the correct amount of thyroxine.
So what to do?
In the Abscence of a properly working thyroid supplementing thyroxine will give that patient a good quality of life.

Lisa asks…

Do I stand a chance for UC Davis? ?

Basically, I want to get into UC Davis or San Diego. At the greatest UCLA. Can you guys tell me based on my stuff I have if i can do it?
SAT 1 score was 2080 . I got 730 CR , 680 Math, 670 Writing.
My GPA is around 3.69 Unweighted.
The big problem I see is that I am only taking 1 AP and 1 Honors Course in my junior year!… 🙁
Oh . and I am a second degree black belt and I am in a big professional dance company for the extracurricular.

Is it likely ? can you predict for me percentage-wise how likely it is?

vti answers:

UCD and UCSD do not grade holistically- i.e., they don’t care that what classes you took or what SAT IIs, just the score you got. They give you points for factors like being president or vice president of a club, having a total family income less than 60,000, GPA, SAT scores, and more, add all the points you qualify for up, and if your total is higher than a certain number, you are in. Each UC has a different formula, and each has a different cut off score.

What I’m trying to say is that UC admissions are almost a game where you compete for points. But what classes you took, as long as they were a-g, do not matter. They only matter to UCB and UCLA, the only UCs that grade holistically.

Hope that helps!

Susan asks…

Do the manifold interpretations of ambiguous images on the perceptual level offer a PROOF of the esemplastic.?

…. nature of imagination?

Thank you for your comments.
Yaoi, my friend – once again, and amazingly enough (or perhaps NOT), you have managed to COMPLETELY miss THE POINT! … It seems like what I speak in “Tongue” you hear in “Klingon”. 🙂

vti answers:

That some people are extremely gifted in perceiving holistically – despite the abstract nature and/or disjointed details of what is being perceived – is what is miraculous about the human animal.

Is this simply related to our visual imaging process? I am not so sure. Your example is probably more indicative of our holographic processing/storage of emotionally charged experiences that DISTORT our perception rather than holistic thinking.

A close friend of mine has a gift for seeing holistically into any disfunctional group system no matter the purpose (building aircraft, operating a hospital, performing a musical composition, producing a film) and seeing the ‘end goal’ is able to reorder the interaction and group dynamic to accomplish the impossible. How does he see the completed whole while others throw up their hands? It is a specialized gift.

And recently in a discussion with a repairman who had rebuilt an appliance for me, he described how he had always had the ability to mechanically see the ‘working’ whole – even when presented with a broken machine he had never before encountered; and as a further example, explained how upon always waking to any unusual (nearly inaudible) mechanical sound during the night, could determine the source and visualize the whole system, instantly determining its potential for needing or not needing immediate attention and fall back to sleep in seconds.

Humans are astounding.

Thomas asks…

If we can be Whole (Holistically) in our Dreams…..why are we Not So in the Here and Now….?

Perhaps We are On Hold in the Universal network….and there is yet no opportunity…

Is the Dream so deep…we cannot awaken?

Is the experience in Real Time a much more demanding Task….so it is easier to just lull away in Dream-Time…..(you lazy ragamuffins!….get off your duffs)

Are we able to Trust the Dream only….and not Real Time?

All ideas…thoughts…dreams are welcome…..
When the white eagle of the North is flying overhead,
And the browns, reds and golds of autumn lye in the gutter dead.
Remember then the summer birds with wings of fire flame,
Come to witness springs new hope, born of leaves decaying.
And as new life will come from death,
Love will come at leisure.
Love of love, love of life and giving without measure,
Gives in return a wonderous yearn for promise almost seen.
Live hand in hand and together we’ll stand, On
the threshold of a dream.

vti answers:

All of that sounds nice, but…

We still have to live in the “real” world, which is a world of day-to-day fluctuations in experience.

Nobody can keep up that “mood of awe and love and wonder” all the time. To live and succeed in the real world and fly, one must first have one’s feet planted firmly on the ground, and learn how to land, or abort the take-off, or even retire and be content with commercial passenger jet flight (hopefully 1st Class) and in dreams you don’t get any enormous dental and medical bills, and in the dream world, you don’t pay any taxes, or have to work an ungodly 8 hours a day, and…

That’s why we cannot “be whole holistically” in reality.

There’s too many scary Republicans out there…

Laura asks…

What are your suggestions for healing cancer?

For you are a part of my God!

Healing be unto you and yours and me and mine
In Forgive Affirmed Spirit
I am glad you came back to look what I wrote! You all get a prize, a heartfelt “Thankyou”. So many care and that is what we need now.

vti answers:


Cancer is the viral invasion and the invitation of invasion of a body to a starvation of the body from it’s functional living capability. The body is made up of living thread composed of DNA and RNA interceptors which react to the stimuli put upon it. These threads are said to be open tubules that bind together, like rolled threads into string.

So, we have the invaders and the inviters of that invasion. The invaders that try to modify the RNA which allows cell replication…we are growing every minute…can allow orderly replication or disorderly replication depending on how it is instructed. Instructions come from the brain and chemical fluids in the body. Chemical fluids in the body, tubular structures that mix with the RNA and can modify it, can persuade it to replicate in error.

What happens in cancer is the replication instructions are corrupted from changes in body chemistry that the body naturally tries to keep in place, but whose process can be interferred with, if enough pressure is put upon that process.

Carcinogens, enclosed tissues cut off from oxygen, out of balance PH factors, emotional ill feelings that control the enzymes and hormones released from critical organs, poor dietary intake, abuse, intimidation, even elation at times, triggers the process of corruption.

The body has to feel revitalized every moment or have a capability to move back into that process from time to time after stresses are put upon it. The body is a stimulus absorber.

So the invitation comes from a depleted body nutrition and not feeling loved, or just feeling ignored beyond what it was intended to feel, not cuddling or touching for instance as one tries to pull through the uncertainty in their lifetime.

The invasion comes from radiation and carcinogens and the enzyme attacks from within the body as it’s cells attempt to replicate corruptably, forcing those cells to replicate “bad cells”, a virus if you will, only cancer is the virus of viruses because slowing it down requires so much special attention.

You can kill cells but chemically killing cells is only a temporary way to slow this down. The fight to live has to include compassion and passion for the person whom is being treated, their addictions detoxified gradually and yet they might not have enough time to do that as they have taken so much time to get there in the first place.

We become addicted to our poor habits of eating fat and sugar and salt, which hypoxiate or starve cells from oxygen to act healthily, and or just not touching leafy greens and wider variety of fruits and fruit skins….and not getting enough attention….emotional for women mostly…some men too.

So when your threads become entangled with toxic threads, the body has to have a way to rid itself of the toxins. A good diet of 5 to 1 leafy green vegetables to one serving of meat is necessary for emotional types, as well as resolving their emotional attention issues which can release the toxic threads from the defective strings in their body and continue to do so througout their lives. It is all intertwined.

Things like antiperspirants placed in high doses near lymph node systems under the arm pit, attacks the lymph node system there too. Air fresheners attack the lungs and pores. Smog attacks the body. Tanning attacks the body. Microwaves and cell phone signals and radio signals….all of which if low enough in power do not reflect anything dangerous, but when they are all combined with a weakenned immune system…it is like blowing a light puff of air against a person who is standing on the edge of a cliff holding on for dear life to keep from falling. That one last puff could do them in.

What many insensitive unaware humans do not realize is that we are being bombarded by attacks from envirmonmental stresses including radiation and atmospheric changes that our bodies have to react to every minute of our lives.

We have to give our bodies the best fighting chance of living by realizing our weaknesses, the weaknesses of our inherited genes, the natural allergic reactions to stimuli and we have to be prepared to defend our body against that which could hurt us. It might not hurt somebody else, but it might hurt us. Each DNA is different, each body is different. Each sensitivity is different. Each stress situation is different….even though we have many things in common.

The metastasisation of cancer from one organ to another, the travelling of the virus from one lymph node system through the body comes from stimulus also. Poor ventilation lineup, accumulating tiny dust particles in the lungs, for instance, can irritate the lung nodes thereby stimulating the cancerous virus to take the lymph node system highway and move in on the new location as well.

Biologically, the most important areas of the body to get in check is the spirit, where thoughts are processed about how we fit or don’t fit in our world, the bowels, where waste is processed, the skin, and the lungs.

Assertiveness and Forgive Affirmed Spirit communication involving grief processing through active listenning, empathy, sympathy and affirming can take care of our spirit’s concerns improving our own body’s release of healthy enzymes and hormones from our own organs.

Diet can take care of the bowels releasing and moving toxins through the body.

Keeping skin clean but not coated with chemicals and avoiding too much sun exposure can help the skin defenses maintain original composure.

Keeping the air you breath as breathable as possible away from allergic and micro powder and fume substances that all of us or your ancestry had to watch is important to maintain healthy lungs and breathing.

Just as with drug addictions, cancer victims are addicted to the way they have been living. It is a tough battle, and most of them don’t realize what they are up against. The oncologists pretty much stick to chemo and radiation, because the doctors are partly naive and don’t want to offend their patients. The doctors are politicians in the treatment with drug companies and with their patients.

Uncertainty is a stress that has to be dealt with on a daily basis by sensitive people.

You can become insensitive by doing drugs, alcohol and chemicals dependencies that will make your possibilities for a healthy relationships with another human beings impossible and, if it is in your genetics to be able to accept this lifestyle, you may be able to fend off cancer for a while, and you may be just genetically predisposed to being highly resistant to cancerous reactions. Unfortunately, the majority of us are not. That’s life.

Healing be unto you and yours and me and mine
In Forgive Affirmed Spirit

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