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Lizzie asks…

natural weight loss supplements?

no bashers.

Just replies from people who have used something and have experience to share. Also tell us where you got it and roughly how much it was if its not a grocery store item.
I already take a multivitamin with all those in it and I’m not losing any weight, even with exercise.

vti answers:

I have found that when dealing with natural weight loss supplements not all products will work for all people. Women need to non-stimulant weight loss products at 8-12 weeks for you will noticed any significant weight loss. I would make sure that you are drink plenty of water. The usual recommendation is to take your body weight and divide it by two. The result is the minimum number of ounces of water that you should consume per day.The product that I have found some good success with is called Slimirex. This natural weight loss supplement does contain a mild stimulant. I have listed the ingredients below.
Lipofuzion™ – The core of Slimirex®’s amazing weight management formula is a proprietary blend of special ingredients collectively known as Lipofuzion™. The four components of Lipofuzion™ enhance the effectiveness of the entire Slimirex® formula to help suppress the appetite, promote weight loss, and increase the metabolism. The exact proportion of each ingredient in Lipofuzion™ is a trade secret, but it’s no secret that they work!

Slimaluma™ – This herb has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine as an appetite suppressant and weight loss promoter.

Super Citrimax® – This herbal extract is combined with chromium and other minerals and herbs into a potent clinical strength formula. It helps to curb the appetite while helping to promote the substance in the brain, which helps maintain a positive mood. Citrimax® also includes a natural body energizer.

Advantra Z® – This extract of a natural Chinese citrus plant has the unique ability to help fire up your body to promote fat burning. It also functions to help energize your body while helping to support the creation of lean body and muscle mass.

7-Keto – This naturally occurring substance is responsible for breaking down the hormone DHEA (the hormone of youth). 7-Keto triggers enzyme in the body to help turn up the process in the body that burns fat, while boosting mental wellbeing. 7-Keto levels can decline with age so it is important to keep the levels up.

Gugulipid – This resin from a tree has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for over 2,600 years!
It has been revealed that this resin helps to support normal cholesterol levels and control fatty build-up. The substance found in Gugulipids is also believed to have the ability to bind to fats and cholesterol and help flush them out of your system.

Forslean – This special herbal extract has been found to be an important weapon in fighting fat while helping to promote lean body mass.

Bioperine® – This extract from black pepper has been found to help enhance the body’s natural ability to turn up its firepower to burn fat. Bioperine® also works in helping the nutrients you take be absorbed more efficiently.

ChromeMate®- This super form of Chromium helps expedite sugar into cells so it can promote a more energized body. ChromeMate® helps turn fats into protein for lean muscle. It also plays an important role in helping to ease blood sugar and cholesterol concerns.

I hope this helps you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Richard asks…

Weight Loss Supplements?

OK, I am trying to lose a few pounds. I want to go to the gym and workout but this all seems pointless to me because I workout hard like I have been told too, but the small little belly bulge and love handles wont go away. I want to add a diet pill to my gym routine. I have tried Venom (it has hoodia in it) and it makes me not eat nearly as much as before(I dont eat a lot anyway) but I have not noticed a dramatic weight loss. I want to take a pill that is guaranteed to help me lose weight…fast. I know there has to be something out there that will help me lose weight regardless of how much I have to lose, I just cannot find it. I am about 6’0” male and weigh about 160lbs. I just want to get down to 140. If there is a supplement I can take to lose weight but gain muscle all faster that sounds even better. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I wanna lose weight ASAP and get a rock hard ab area ASAP! I know people are gonna say pills are dumb, just give me a recommendation please, not lecture!

vti answers:

Confused by the huge amount of weight loss supplements being sold? Http://

Do you know how effective are your weight loss diet pills?

Purchasing a weight loss supplement without research and the facts can amount to throwing your hard earned money out the window. There are hundreds of weight loss products online today. With all of the hype, it’s impossible to tell which products are based more on marketing hype rather than true effective solutions.That’s why we researched and continuously investigate which diet pills really work. Here’s a list of the top eight most effective diet supplements being used by people like you, safely trying to lose weight:

A synergistic proprietary formula that tunes your metabolic motor while also stabilizing your blood sugar levels. This helps curb cravings and avoids the vicious cycle of wolfing down carbs…leading to an even more ravenous appetite and increased cravings! Dietrine Carb Blocker key ingredients are also awesome weight loss agents

Mark asks…

Why the hell would you buy weight loss supplements?

Americans are looking for the quick fat loss drug, so why would you buy something that requires diet and exercise? Diet and exercise is how you lose weight anyway and the supplement is only good for those people already doing that. I constantly see comments about fatties taking the drug and not losing weight. Duh! It doesn’t work with a double Bacon cheeseburger!

vti answers:

*Firstly, you should not skip your breakfast, whatever the case may be. Because it is the vital meal of your whole day and the rate of metabolism slows down if you don’t have it. In addition to this, you will be so hungry at your lunchtime that you will end up eating more food than required. So make sure you have a proper and healthy breakfast before leaving your house.
*Secondly, don’t engross yourself in other things like, reading books or watching TV while eating your food. If you don’t concentrate in your food, you will take more than necessary which is not good for your health as well as your weight. You must enjoy your food with your friends or your family but keep an eye on your food too.
*Thirdly, you should chew your food at least 35 times before eating, because the researchers have found out that you will consume fewer calories if you chew for longer time. Moreover, it helps you to digest your food faster as well as restrict the size of your portion and thus you can lose your weight.
*Fruits are just incomparable in losing your weight. They help to detoxify your body if you take them in empty stomach. Moreover, they will give you a huge amount of energy to exercise. It is believed that eating fruits about 30 minutes before any full meal helps in digesting the food quickly.
*Drink water as much as you can as it is very important for a healthy body and it creases the metabolic rate. But you must avoid drinking water in between your meals, since the liquid decreases the rate of digestion. It is advised to have water at least 15 minutes before or after your meal.
*Losing weight can be a difficult process for nearly everyone, so it’s not uncommon that people will ask: how can I lose weight and how can I lose it quickly? Some people are more blessed than others when it comes to their metabolism. A faster metabolism does make losing weight easier, but that’s not to say that someone with a slow metabolism can’t lose weight. In fact, someone with a slow metabolism can lose those extra pounds, and provided that they follow the tips that we suggest, they can lose those pounds quickly. So stop using your sluggish metabolism as an excuse, a barrier between you and your goals.
There are a few rules to follow to ensure that you will lose weight quickly. If you only choose to follow one of these rules, your success will be limited. On the other hand, if you follow all of these rules, you will lose weight rapidly, and just as importantly, you will keep the weight off.

Losing Weight Rule #1
Stay well hydrated. Hydration is one of the most important parts of losing weight and being healthier overall. Drinking lots of water ensures that your stomach is full, and it tricks your body into thinking that you are not hungry. It is important to hydrate primarily with water for a number of reasons. Water is natural and inexpensive, and it is calorie free

Losing Weight Rule #2
Exercise! Exercising is a fun and effective way of losing weight. If you are having trouble losing weight, or if you are losing weight, but not quickly, try adding in exercise. You will be sure to notice a difference if you add exercise to your healthy lifestyle. Not only does it help with weight loss, it also improves cardiovascular health greatly.Rule #1 comes into play here, too; staying hydrated is important if you are exercising because your workouts will suffer if you do not properly hydrate before, during, and after the workout. Staying hydrated allows you to perform at the highest level possible, ensuring that you burn the maximum amount of calories during your workout. Did you know that a 30-minute run can burn up to 500 calories?

Losing Weight Rule #3
Have a diet plan. You can do all the exercise in the world, but if you aren’t eating properly, and eating proper-sized portions, you won’t achieve any success. Weight loss ultimately comes down to calories in vs. Calories out; that is, the number of calories that you consume (take in) must be less than the number of calories that you burn (put out) in order for weight loss to occur. Keep a food diary so that you understand what you are eating. Buy a food scale that gives you an accurate estimate of portion sizes. Choose a diet plan that gives you a good mix of proteins and complex carbohydrates. Avoid empty calories.

So, with those rules and tips, you have everything you need to lose weight fast. Losing weight can be difficult, but it is far from impossible, especially with this knowledge. No matter what weight you have been all your life, you can lose weight, and you will lose weight provided that you follow these steps. So if you’ve made it this far, then congratulations; you’ve taken the first step towards losing weight fast.
Not everyone has a speedy metabolism. It’s like being born with perfect pitch or an ability to draw. But everyone can lose weight and keep it off. It just takes discipline and desire. Good luck.

Sandy asks…

Weight loss supplements?

I am by no means fat, I’m just chubby and its mainly in my stomach. I was wondering if anybody has tried any weight loss supplements from gnc or other places. I know exercising is a must and I definitely plan on exercising a lot. I just want a good supplement that will help boost my weight loss as I plan to keep it off by exercising. What about alli? Or any other ones that anyone has had good results from.

vti answers:

Don’t take pills; they are dangerous and don’t address the underlying cause.

Balance and moderation are the keys. Calories don’t matter, nor do carbs or fat. Just eat good and simple foods. Think of the quality of food you put in your body like the quality of lumber you put in your house. We are constantly rebuilding our bodies, and we must use good quality ingredients. This means organic and natural. I know it’s more expensive, but this is important. Plus, organics have more nutrients, so your body will be more satisfied (and less hungry).

We have been misinformed about food and as a result, our food choices are usually best at selling products and supplements and worst at promoting true health.

If we eat like the Asians, we will look like the Asians (thin). When they eat like us, they look like us (not thin). We should learn from what they have learned: eat simple grains (white rice, other grains, less bread and pasta), eat mostly vegetables (a wide variety), mostly cooked, mostly local, some fruit, no dairy. Too much or too little of any one thing is not a good thing. Vegetarians almost have it right, but we should get a little (2 ounces twice a week) of mammal meat. A little chicken and fish are good too, but all meats should be thought of as a condiment rather than a main dish.

The best way to lose weight and keep it off is through balance and moderation. Practice this is your exercises as well. Shoot for losing 1-3 pounds/week. Oh and drink green tea with most meals and avoid cold and raw foods and drinks. Cold and raw take our energy and time to warm and cook, so don’t have too much salad. Avoid sugar substitutes and refined sugar.

This is all explained in the book “The Asian diet: simple secrets for eating right losing weight and being well” by Bussell. I also recommend “In defense of food” by Pollan. It explains how the discussion of food has evolved to constituents and we don’t think about whole foods anymore.

Acupuncture can also help to curb cravings.

James asks…

Weight loss?

Does anyone know any weight loss supplements or any products or homemade recieps that i could use and mostly on the abdominal area? If any items are meant to be bought please make it affordable for i am on a budget. Please help!

vti answers:

If you eat only when you feel hungry, chances are you’ll have less trouble reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Most people are not in touch with their hunger signals, though, and instead eat in response to triggers such as stress, anxiety and boredom.

To successfully lose weight, you’ve got to get in touch with the powerful forces that shape your eating habits — how you think and feel about food and why you eat when you’re not hungry.

Here are four steps that can help.
Step 1: Know your habits

To become aware of your eating habits, keep track of situations in which you find yourself craving unhealthy foods. Write them down in a notebook or on your weekly menus. Keep a list of what, when and why you eat for a few days. See if any relationships or patterns emerge. Ask yourself if you tend to eat when you’re bored, angry, tired, anxious, stressed, depressed or socially pressured. If you do, try these tips:

* Before eating anything, ask yourself if you’re really hungry. If the answer is no, consider having a glass of water. You may find that you’re just thirsty.
* Learn to refuse gracefully when people offer food that doesn’t fit into your menu plan such as treats at coffee breaks.
* Do something to distract yourself from your desire to eat — call a friend or run an errand.
* Direct emotional energy from stress or anger outward. Think about taking a walk, sorting through files, or cleaning out a cluttered drawer or closet. The urge to eat will pass.
* If you find that you absolutely can’t find an alternative strategy, don’t try to restrain yourself too much — that may lead to bringing. In that case, eat some vegetables or a piece of fruit. You won’t have to feel guilty, and it may satisfy your craving.

Step 2: Change gradually

When you’ve identified an eating habit that you’d like to change, remember that gradual changes work best. Consider this example. Marty works as a customer service manager for a retail department store. Her job is often stressful. She prides herself on meeting the needs of customers and sometimes finds herself juggling the needs of customers with the needs of management. When she feels overwhelmed by stress, she walks to the vending machine for a high-fat, high-calorie snack.

Marty recognized that this was one eating habit preventing her from reaching a healthy weight. She decided to start dealing with on-the-job stress by taking a brisk, 10-minute walk at break time and by eating fruit for snacks.

Like Marty, you, too, can prevent thoughts and feelings about food from standing in the way of your weight-loss program. Choose one area at a time and be specific about how you’re going to change. When you feel you’ve successfully changed one eating habit, work on another.
Step 3: Plan ahead

Your old eating habits may be so ingrained that you’re not aware of them. Mentally rehearsing healthier habits can help. Imagine this: You’re at a graduation party. The buffet table is packed with all of your favorite treats. Now imagine this: You take a small portion of a few items from the buffet table, leaving space between them on your plate, or you take only fresh fruits and vegetables. Mentally rehearse this plan until you’re more likely to remember it — and do it — the next time you need it most.
Step 4: Think positively

Don’t dwell on what you’re giving up to reach a healthy weight. Concentrate instead on what you’re gaining. Instead of thinking, “I really miss eating a donut at breakfast,” tell yourself, “I feel a lot better when I eat oatmeal and fresh fruit in the morning.”

Believe it or not, the process of making changes to your eating habits can be enjoyable and the health benefits will soon become evident.

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