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David asks…

Anyone have a good home remedy to help with the cough?

My sister had an upper respitory infection last week and she feels better but her coughing has not stopped and she’s at her wit’s end with this! Anyone know of a good home remedy?

vti answers:

I am in the same boat! Every time I get sick, I end up with a cough for a couple weeks. My doc says it’s the body getting rid of congestion built up while fighting the virus. Sounds like she’s doing what I do. I haven’t come up with anything that lasts a long time, but home remedies are usually safe enough to use as needed. I do know alot of people recommend cherry bark and slippery elm tea; these can probably be found at a health food store and directions should be followed like taking medicine. My favorite, though, is juice of half a lemon (fresh ones work better than bottled juice) in hot water, with honey added. Something about it does a better job at calming those tickle-spasm coughs that I can’t stop with a cough drop. Hot liquids help in general, but this hot lemon thing is best. At night, I add a shot of strong whiskey or bourbon to it. For some reason I get better cough relief from hard liquor than actual medicine! I’m guessing the alcohol relaxes spasms in my throat. Hope she’s feeling better soon!

Mandy asks…

how do i get rid of a cough with home remedies?

i’ll try anything i can, i’ve had this cough since tuesday, and i’m going to Japan next saturday and my mom said if my cough doesn’t get better before that, i might have trouble on the plane because it’s like 10-12 hours. does anyone know any home remedies? i hate taking medication, but if i have to i will.

vti answers:

Try these home remedies for a cough:

Mix half teaspoon salt in one cup of water and gurgle.

Mix garlic oil with one tablespoon of onion juice and diluted it with in a ¼ cup of water. Drink several times a day.

Cut ginger into small pieces and boil in a cup of water. Add teaspoon of sugar and drink while it is still hot.

Mix 1 teaspoon of Marjoram to 1 cup of boiling water and wait for 5 to 10 minutes and drink.

For more info, check this site:

Lisa asks…

Any home remedies for breathing problems?

Alright well I have a cold that causes hard time breathing and tiredness. I can’t breath well right now and because of that I can’t sleep. So does anyone know any home remedies?
– I already took cough medison but it doesn’t help.
– Anhailers only work for 10 minutes then it comes back.

vti answers:


Michael asks…

Quick remedies or medicine for bad cough and running nose?

I have a interview this week and I’m hoping to get well soon. I have a sore throat from a cold that I had last week, but I got slightly better, now I just have a terrible cough. What are some home remedies for cough or any good medicine to take?

vti answers:

Take a hot bath or a hot shower, drink some tea (Preferably mint), have some cough drops, i take ibuprofen, but idk what u like. Yeah! This is what i do. Oh and relax! Dont stress! Good luck with ur interview! 🙂

Robert asks…

What is your “Home Remedy” for coughs and sore throat from the common cold?

I have been to the doc, I am on antibiotics – it’s all under control in that respect.. but I am interested to know what home remedies there are to help relieve the discomfort and annoying (mostly dry) cough.

vti answers:

Drink lots and lots of fluids, juices are best.
Take vitamin C and try to sweat, as much as possible.
If you do what I recommend, your cold will be gone in 7 days.
If you do absolutely nothing, your cold will be gone in a week.
Good Luck and Feel Better

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