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Laura asks…

Dog constantly has loose stool: What food is best for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

I have a 4 year old pitbull that I rescued 8 months ago. From the time that I’ve had him until now, he has always had loose stools. Our vet prescribed some antibiotics to rule out a possible stomach/intestinal infection. I gave them to my dog as prescribed but they had no effect on his stools. To be clear, it’s not usually diarrhea, but almost. He goes 1-2 times a day and a lot.

Could it be a food allergy?
I’ve tried Avoderm and Science Diet for dogs with sensitive stomachs and they did not help with his problem.

Is there any other food you could recommend? What might I try?

Thanks everyone.

I also want to add that he’s been treated for worms already and I have not noticed any new worms or new symptoms in the last 4 months, so I believe that can be ruled out as the cause.

vti answers:

Holistic Select Radiant Health Anchovy,Sardine and Salmon Meals formula is good for dogs with sensitive stomachs.My cousin’s Lab is the same way ,but he can eat this food with no problems.


Helen asks…

what are good dog foods?

My westie is having digestive problems and i feed her puupy chow what are some good nutritional dog foods that are actually healthy?

vti answers:

Eagle Pack Holistic Select:



All great natural holistic full of nutrition foods. Pick any of these and you don’t have to worry about anything : )

Good luck!

Sandy asks…

What Food Brand Do You Use?

Please Answer.

vti answers:

I used Holistic Select for Giant puppy breed.
I have switched to a raw diet (that’s feeding raw meat and what’s inside).

If I HAD to use kibble, I would stick to Holistic.

Susan asks…

What is the best dog food for large breed, I mean high quality, that focuses on joints, etc.?

vti answers:

Eagle Pack Holistic Select makes a food specially formulated for large beed puppies and adults. Eagle Pack’s “Holistic” line are all super premium foods. Stay away from the regular Eagle pack.

Innova also makes a food for large breed dogs as well.

all these foods are excellent foods as well but don’t make any spefically for large breeds…

Paul asks…

Holistic Blend for German Shepherd?

They sell a brand of dog food in the natural value section of the grocery store called “Holistic Blend”. I know that it isn’t good to buy dog food from a grocery store but would this kind be better since it is in the natural value section? I read the label and it says how it has no wheat, corn, by-products, etc. It sounds pretty good. Except the only problem is it says it’s an all ages type food.. as in it’s apparently alright to feed the same food as you would a puppy for an adult, which doesn’t sound right? Anyone have any experience with this type of food?

vti answers:

Hi! 🙂
I asked this before about Pro Pac Holistic and Nature’s Recipe Farm Stand Selects. It is so hard to find a great kind of food. Canidae is a very popular food and they have a ALS (all lifestages formula) also. Although I am not sure about a food for all ages (puppy food has to much protein for most adults, other than pregnant females). That food seems a lot better than Ol’Roy, etc, but I will check it out better. I prefer the holistic varities like Eagle Pack Holisitic. Are you able to get Wellness, Merrick, Solid Gold, or something like that?
It looks pretty good, I wish more grocery stores carried something like that :)…

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