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Lizzie asks…

Are there any home remedies to cure heartburn caused by advil?

This has happened to me twice4 already and I’m sure it’s from advil.

vti answers:

The Advil is most likely causing the heartburn. Anything that uses up the hydrochloric acid, subdues the parietal cells, or causes the hydrochloric acid to be ineffective will cause heart burn. Meat eating animals make hydrochloric acid to both sanitize the contents of the stomach and to break down proteins, primarily, to allow them to be further broken down in the small intestine with protease enzymes.

Taking ANTACIDS like some suggest, including doctors, is just TREATING THE SYMPTOMS and this is terrible advice, unless it is being used in conjunction with an ulcer treatment where doctors typically use an antacid and two antibiotics to cure the ulcer that takes about 10 days. There are far better ways to treat an ulcer with natural products that work extremely well, but as far as using an antacid, that is the only time it should be used! ! !

In regard to some of the other suggestions here, try those if you insist on taking the Advil. Advil does damage the liver and should not be taken often. If the pain is NOT from an injury, but simply your body giving you a symptom of something else that is going on, you need to address the root cause, not just “Treat the symptom.”

What generally causes acid indigestion or reflux is the LACK OF HYDROCHLORIC ACID. When you do not have an adequate supply of HCL in the stomach, LACTIC ACID forms from rotting food due to the lack of HCL to break down the food. Sometimes certain things subdue the parietal cells and make it difficult to utilize the HCL you have in your stomach and this will cause the burning feeling.

EDIT: “Angry doc” You still don’t get it do you. The acid feeling is NOT from a deficiency of a drug! It is due to the LACK OF HYDROCHLORIC ACID or the way the body is PROCESSING THE HYDROCHLORIC ACID. Neutralizing the hydrochloric acid is the LAST THING YOU WANT TO DO and antacids do that! ! ! It is the rotting, putrefying, food due to the lack of HCL that is causing the problem. Giving someone an antacid stops the burning, but so does giving someone HCL STOPS THE BURNING IN LESS THAN 3 MINUTES! ! !

True HCL from a once living source costs about $14 for 90 capsules. Nexium costs about $6 per pill or $540 for 90 pills. There is NO money in selling HCL from a once living source and drug companies are making way too much money on this farce to change or to stop. Anything that subdues the parietal cells, like advil is most likely will cause poor HCL utilization! !

Talk this over with your girlfriend Rhianna and realize that the drug companies are damaging people everywhere with this garbage. If a person chooses to go the drug route and use an antacid, it should only be for those patients with an ulcer or damaged that needs to heal, but that should only be for about 10 days. There are far better ways of creating this healing than a drug, but if the patient wants to follow the medical route, that’s the deal. An antacid should NEVER be taken for more than 10 days because it is killing, stopping, ruining the digestive process the body needs.

Drug companies are NOT telling this story because they cannot make money telling the truth. “THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! ! !” If you don’t get this, I’m beginning to wonder if you can handle the truth!

So now Angry, if I’m lying, tell me your version of the truth and let’s hear what you think heartburn is. I have several hundred patients now taking HCL and off ALL antacids and are digesting, losing weight because of better digestion, and feeling a lot more energy as a result of this change. And they are very happy about the cost savings and their greatly improved health.

Do you actually know why this person is taking advil? For her indigestion? To say this “Also, by telling her to stop taking the Advil and taking Nexium” is telling me you think Nexium can be used in place of Advil for pain somewhere in the body? Really?

Good luck to you

Helen asks…

Home remedies for indigestion/heartburn……………?

Im 8 months pregnant & I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!

vti answers:

Chocolate milk!! It helps so much! And popsicles are great too. I know this one isn’t a home remedy but I lived off of tums smooth dissolve, they really help and they’re completely safe for the baby.

Michael asks…

home made remedies for heartburn?

I have heart burn since the last week I cant take it any more.What should I do ? Please show me some homemade remedies

vti answers:

Do not drink milk. That’s a horrible idea.
The baking soda cure is really about all you can do besides prevention.

For prevention:
Don’t eat large meals. Eat more frequent smaller meals.
Eat meals lower in fat.
You may try eating less spicy foods.
Bacon and all sausage must be avoided for some people.
Never lay down within 3 hours of a meal.
Avoid soda and coffee.
Avoid chocolate.

Donna asks…

Home remedies for an upset stomach?

Woke up with a stomach ache, got worse throughout the day. Had to run out of class around 1 to throw up, started to feel better. Then felt sick and had diarrhea. It feels queesy all over and its too late to go out for meds,

vti answers:

Home Remedy for Stomach Upset

* Take ½ glass of water and put ½ tsp baking soda in it. Mix well and drink. This will help you in getting relief from acidity, indigestion or heartburn. If the problem still persists, have another ½ glass after two hours.
* Banana has the ability to soothe the stomach, ease diarrhea and offset the acids that cause upset stomach. So, in case you are suffering from a stomach problem, try having a banana.
* Ginger has been found to be very effective in treating an upset stomach. You can have it in the form of ginger ale and ginger tea or even chew on a piece of candied ginger.
* Peppermint tea has been long associated with calming of the stomach muscles. So, next time you are suffering from an upset stomach, try having peppermint tea.
* If you are having an upset stomach, make sure to avoid foods that aggravate the problem. Amongst the food items that should be avoided are coffee, onions, milk, cauliflower, chocolate, fried foods and baked beans.
* Mint tea helps in soothing an upset stomach. For making mint tea, boil crushed mint leaves in water. Strain the tea and drink it.
* In case of diarrhea, take 1 tsp date paste, mixed with a little honey, three times in a day.
* Another effective home remedy for diarrhea comprises of 5-10 gm of amla powder, combined with buttermilk. This should be taken for 1-2 days.
* If heaviness in stomach is your problem, put ¼ tsp powdered cumin and ¼ tsp black pepper powder in 1 glass buttermilk. Have it two or three times a day, for 2-3 days.
* At times, stress is the reason behind an upset stomach. So, make sure to relax your body as well as your mind. Try taking a warm, relaxing bath; listening some good music or going off to sleep.

Laura asks…

Home remedies for GERD/Heartburn?

I have horrible heartburn. I’ve been getting it everyday since 5/31 of last year. It just won’t go away. I have so many other symptoms on top of it, but nothing really helps. I’ve taken prilosec, protonix, and gaviscon, but it only helps for a little while. Even drinking water makes me have heartburn! And it’s not just a burning feeling. I get the works with it. I’m talking gurgling in my throat, sore throat, constant clearing of the throat, dry cough, sometimes chest pain, etc…I’ve tried everything from drinking just water, to eating bananas, more fruit and salads, anything that seems healthy. Do any of you have any tips for me please? Thank you!

vti answers:

I used to have heartburn and gerd regularly, too. The doctor told me to take maloxx and i suck on altoids (strong peppermint). That is because I also take some medications that make my mouth real dry. You might also want to go to this website: and make sure and read the testimonials. After that come visit my website: or I am post polio and have lupus and after one year of taking Vemma (mangosteen minerals) I was able to get off of three medications and one of them was prilosec.

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