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Helen asks…

Looking for health/yoga/food blogs on Tumblr?

My url is cassitea.tumblr, and I post about health, yoga, food, etc. I’m looking for blogs similar to my own to follow. Also looking for some hipster/grunge-y blogs, and fashion blogs. Any suggestions?

vti answers:

Couldn’t you just Google it? I’m not trying to be rude, i’m asking seriously.

Sharon asks…

DO you know any GOOD health food websites?

vti answers:

You might look at each of these sites. You will get some good ideas to think about and perhaps try:

Lisa asks…

Health Care Reform’s long term ‘goal’ of a socialistic health care system?

Do you think health care reform will eventually backfire by becoming a more socialistic health care system? We have seen in other countries that you have “private” paid hospitals that don’t accept insurance catering to the rich, then the “regular” hospitals that are inadequate for the majority of the population. What do you think is the solution? The way we are doing things at the moment isn’t working.

vti answers:

Food for thought:

“The debate over “government (public) health insurance” vs. “private health insurance” seems like a false choice to me. The fact is that there is no purely “private health insurance” and “public health insurance,” but a blurring of the two. “Private” insurance today receives all kinds of “public” support from government in the form of tax exemptions and subsidies, and “public” insurance has elements of private insurance, in that people pay premiums which are supposed to finance the group plans they are in.”

Link –

How can HCR’s ‘goal’ be achieving something that’s already happened generations ago?

Ken asks…

How does what we eat affect our culture, health, economy, or environment?

another Question , What is real food?
What distinguishes it?

vti answers:



Chris asks…

best raw food blog sites?

i love to visit raw-food blogs that share different recipes. i especially love sites that show pictures along with their recipes. i was wondering if anyone knew of any blog sites similar to:

maw in the raw, the daily raw, the sunny raw kitchen?

share the knowledge 🙂 x

vti answers:


There are 100’s of site on the web for you to explore
I suggest 1 book.. Raw Food Made Easy by Jennifer Cornbleet. It’s just as it states easy but we are consistantly pleased with the food we make from it.
Slainté (to your health)

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